On January 25, 1987 Ranger 12, an EA-3B “Whale” (BuNo 144850) belonging to VQ-2, was lost while attempting to land on the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).  Ranger 12 was returning from an operational mission in the Eastern Mediterranean and crashed off the Nimitz’s flight deck.

In January 1989, Rear Admiral McFarland, Commander Naval Security Group Command, dedicated the new fitness center to a graduate of the DLIFLC Russian basic course, CTI3 Patrick R. Price.  CTI3 Price and six other were killed in an EA-3B Skywarrior in the Mediterranean in 1987 while attempting to land on the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

The seven men listed below were killed in the accident:

  • LT Stephen H. Batchelder (Intelligence Evaluator)
  • LCDR Ronald R. Callander (Navigator)
  • AT2 Richard A. Herzing
  • LT Alan A. Levine (Pilot)
  • LT James D. Richards (Junior Evaluator)
  • CTI3 Patrick R. Price (Cryptologist)
  • CTI3 Craig H. Rudolf (Cryptologist)

Featured Image: Sherri Price speaking in January 1989 at the dedication of the Price Fitness Center to the memory of her husband, Patrick Price.