Building 514 onboard Corry Station is named McGregor Hall.

Walter Joseph McGregor was born in 1906 and first enlisted in the U.S. Navy on 28 October 1921 at Boston, Massachusetts.

He was advanced to Chief Radioman by 7 February 1930 and served in several Navy ships and stations. He died of heart complications at the age of 35.

Chief McGregor was one of the premier instructors of the “On-the-Roof” (OTR) trained Navy and Marine Corps Special Radio Operators. These were the radio operators selected and given specific cryptologic training under a well-qualified Chief Radioman in a steel reinforced concrete blockhouse on the roof of the sixth wing, old Navy Building, Washington, D.C.

Chief McGregor was a member of “On-the-Roof” class #7, in 1932 and upon the death of the instructor in class #16, he completed the 1935 instruction of that group. He subsequently taught classes #17 through #20, whose membership included many of the nucleus of the Naval Security Group.  Next to Chief Harry Kidder, Chief Joseph McGregor taught the greatest number of “On-the- Roof” classes.  While he was instructing he was admitted and discharged from treatment at the Naval Hospital, Washington, D.C.

His decorations included the Good Conduct Medal and the American Defense Service Medal.

Chief McGregor died on 27 February 1941 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


01.15.06 CRM McGregor.b
OTRG class number 17
l-to-r (front): Hively, Taylor, Linch.
L-to-r (rear): Layman, Ledford, Carmichael, CRM McGregor (instructor), Williams
01.15.06 CRM McGregor.c.png
OTRG class number 18
l-to-r (front): Bissel, Johnson, McCurdy, Weiland.
l-to-r (rear): Jule, Pelletier, CRM McGregor (instructor) Thomson, Sholes
01.15.06 CRM McGregor.d
OTRG class number 19
l-to-r (front): Kelly, Dormer, Howard, Parrott.
l-to-r (rear): Squires, Young, McGregor (instructor), Wildman, Detterich.
01.15.06 CRM Mcgregor.e
OTRG class number 20
l-to-r (sitting): Johnson, Ethier, Whitlock.
L-to-r (Standing): Walters, CRM McGregor (instructor), Phillips, Briggs, Evans.

Source: NCVA/Echoes of Our Past