The history of NSGA Hanza can be traced to July 1945 after Okinawa was captured and a radio interception and DF station in Quonset huts was established near the small town of Aragusuku just over one mile inland from Sobe.

The site had an initial complement of five men, with Richard S. Katzenberger in charge. It was called a Naval Supplementary Radio Station until January 1947, when it was renamed Communications Support Activity No. 3256. It remained at Aragusuku until November 1949.


In November 1949, the site at Aragusuku was relocated to Tengan, on the southeast side of the island, about 25 miles northeast of Naha. Called Naval Communications Unit 37 (NCU-37), it was a DF site only with no permanent buildings and working conditions quite inferior to the comparable Army arrangements. It had a single Quonset hut, half of which served as a mess hall while the other half contained a reporting desk and an administration area. The remote DF site was connected to the reporting desk by a voice land-line. It remained at Tengan until July 1955. At the time, the station used a van-mounted DAW-1 DF system.

Source: Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability, 23 December 2015