Listed below are those Information Warfare Community members (past and present) who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  This is not a complete list.

16 January 2019 – CTICS(IW/EXW) Shannon M. Kent, USN, KIA in Manbij, Syria while supporting Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolved.

13 March 2013 – CTTC(IDW/SW) Christian Pike, USN, died in Landstuhl, Germany due to head wound/injuries received while providing intelligence support in support of Naval Special Warfare and Afghan Commando operations in Afghanistan.

17 January 2012 – LT Thomas C. Fouke, USN, died during physical training preparing to support Naval Special Warfare.

6 August 2011 – IT1 Jared W. Day, USN and CTR1 Michael J. Strange, USN, KIA in Afghanistan while supporting NAVAL Special Warfare.

5 February 2011 – SGT Lucas T. Pyeatt, USMC, KIA while serving in Afghanistan.

21 September 2010 – CTRCS David “Blake” McLendon, USN, KIA in Afghanistan while supporting Naval Special Warfare.

20 September 2008 – CTM3 Mathew J O’Bryant, USN, KIA while serving in Islamabad, Pakistan.

17 July 2008 – 1st Lt. Jason D. Mann, USMC, was KIA in Garmsir, Afghanistan while serving as an Arab linguist, reconnaissance professional and ground intelligence officer.

6 July 2007 – CTT1(SW) Steven P. Daugherty, USN, KIA in Iraq while supporting Naval Special Warfare.

21 August, 2003, LT Kylan A. Jones-Huffman was KIA during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He was an intelligence officer.

11 September, 2001 – AG1 Edward T. Earhart and AG2 Matthew M. Flocco, were killed while serving at the Pentagon when terrorists struck the building with an aircraft.

12 October 2000 – USS Cole (DDG-67) was attacked while refueling in the Yemini port of Aden killing 17 Sailors, including ITSN Timothy L Gauna, EW2 Kevin S Rux and EW3 Ronald S. Owens.

17 May 1987 – USS Stark (FFG 31) was attacked while serving the Persian Gulf.  32 Sailors were killed, including EW3 Charles T. Moller, EW3 Joseph P. Watson and RM2 Jerry Boyd Farr.

25 January 1987 – EA-3B went down in the Mediterranean killing CTI1 Patrick R. Price and CTI3 Craig H. Rudolf.  Five other were killed.

3 December 1979 – NSGA Sabana Seca Puerto Rico attacked:
CTO1 John Ball and RM3 Emil White were killed and 10 others were wounded.

21 January 1971 – SGT Robert Hrisoulis, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

12 December 1971 – RG -407 C-2A transport aircraft went down between the Philippines and Vietnam killing 10 Sailors, six were Cryptologist:
CTO3 James M. Coon, USN
CTISN John M. Deremigio, USN
CTOI Donald E. Dickerson, USN
CTOSN Stephen H. Elliott, USN
CTRI Walter R. Woods, Jr., USN
CTM2 Gregory K. Zeller, USN

10 March 1970 – SGT Larry Wade Duke, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

13 May 1968 – SGT Paul Jay Kingery, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

3 May 1968 – CPL William Ivan Inman, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

3 May 1968 – CPL Walter James Dancer, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

24 April 1968 – LCPL Larry Allan Jones , USMC, KIA in Vietnam

28 December 1969 – MGYsGY Edward R Storm, USMC, and CTC Robert S. Gates, USN, KIA in Vietnam.

22 January 1968 – USS Pueblo (AGTR-2) captured by the North Koreans. FN Duane Hodges KIA during the attack

15 April 1969 – EC-121 Begger Shadow shotdown over the Sea of Japan, off the coast of North Korea.  31 men were killed, nine were Cryptologist:
ADR2 Louis F Balderman, USN
AT1 Stephen C Chartier, USN
AT1 Bernie J Colgin, USN
ADR1Ballard F Connors, Jr, USN
CT3Gary R DuCharme, USN
LT John N Dzema, USN
LT Dennis B Gleason, USN
ATN3Gene K Graham, USN
AEC LaVerne A Greiner, USN
ATR2 Dennis J Horrigan, USN
ATN2 Richard H Kincaid, USN
SSGT Hugh M Lynch, USMC
ADRC Marshall H McNamara, USN
ATR2 Timothy H McNeil, USN
CT3 John A Miller, USN
LCDR James H Overstreet, USN
LT Peter P Perrottey, USN
CT1 John H Potts, USN
AMS3Richard T Prindle, USN
CTC Frederick A. Randall, USN
LTJG Joseph R Ribar, USN
AT1James Leroy Roach, USN
LT John H Singer, USN
CTC Richard E Smith, USN
CT3Philip D Sundby, USN
AT1Richard E Sweeney, USN
LTJG Robert J Sykora, USN
LT Robert F Taylor, USN
CT2 Stephen J Tesmer, USN
ATN3 David M Willis, USN
LTJG Norman E. Wilkerson, USN

10 September 1967 – CPL Stephen Lee Traughber, USMC, KIA in Vietnam.

8 June 1967 – 34 men were KIA off the coast of Egypt while serving on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5), many were Cryptologist:
CT3 William B. Allenbaugh, USN
LCDR Philip M. Armstrong, Jr. USN
SN Gary R. Blanchard, USN
SN Francis Brown, USN
CT2 Ronnie J. Campbell, USN
CT3 Jerry L. Converse, USN
CT2 Robert B. Eisenberg, USN
CT3 Jerry L. Goss, USN
CTI Curtis A. Graves, USN
CTSN Lawrence P. Hayden, USN
CTI Warren E. Hersey, USN
CTSN Alan Higgins, USN
SN Carl L. Hoar, USN
CT2 Richard W. Keene, Jr., USN
CTSN James L. Lenau, USN
CTC Raymond E. Linn, USN
CTI James M. Lupton, USN
CT3 Duane R. Marggraf, USN
CTSN David W. Marlborough, USN
CT2 Anthony P. Mendle, USN
CTSN Carl C. Nygren, USN
LT James C. Pierce, USN
ICFN David Skolak, USN
CTI John C. Smith, Jr., USN
CTC Melvin D. Smith, USN
PC2 John C. Spicher, USN
GMG3 Alexander N. Thompson, Jr., USN
CT3 Thomas R. Thornton, USN
CT3 Philippe C. Tiedtke, USN
LT Stephen S. Toth, USN
CTI Frederick J. Walton, USN
Sgt Jack L. Raper, USMC
Cpl Edward E. Rehmeyer, USMC
Allen M. Blue, NSA

26 May 1967 – Capt James W. Ayers, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

26 May 1967 – SSGT Alfred T Dwyer, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

25 September 1965 – NSGA Kamiseya, Japan fire killing 12 Cryptologist:
CTSA Roger “W” Alex, USN
CTSA William E. Briley, USN
CTSN Wilford D. Corddell, USN
CTSN Dennis e. Etzwieler, USN
CT3 Archie R. Garofalo, USN
CTSA John d. House, USN
LCPL Richard E. McKown, USMC
LTjg Ernest D. Moody, USN
SGT Paul C. Rodrigues, USMC
CT3 Wayne E. Tower, USN
CTSN James K. Whitman, USN
CT3 Gregory S. Williams, USN

8 April 1950 – CT3 Edward J. Purcell, USN was KIA over the Baltic Sea in PB4Y-2 Privateer.  The aircraft was shot down by a Soviet MIG, 10 Sailors died. (Radio Intelligence)

30 July – 2 August, 1945 – Sinking of the USS Indianapolis (CA 35) in the South Pacific.  Of the 1,200 crew members on board, nearly 900 were killed the sinking, exposure or by shark attacks.  The Radiomen listed below were communicators who were killed.
RM1 Jack R. Bogan
RM3 James E. Call
CRMA Walter H. Cole
RM2 Donald C. Crabb
RM3 James C. Davis
RM2 Paul Dollins
RM3 Richard L. Eddy
CRMA William C. Fulton
RM3 Marlo R. Godfrey
RM3 Harry T. Hickey
RM2 Floyd Igou, Jr.
RM3 Willard E. Rollins
RM2 Arthur C. Rotter
RM2 Robert A. Rutherford
RM2 Clifford H. Sebastian
RM3 Michael Smeraglia
RM2 Allen C. Streich
RM2 Dewell eE. Talley
RM2 Robert E. Truitt
RM2 Jack E. Walker

18 July 1945 – RM3c Daniel P. Seepe, USN was KIA in Calcutta, India. (Radio Intelligence)

12 May 1945 – RM1c Walter L. Rougeux, USN was KIA onboard the battleship USS New Mexico (BB 40) as the result of a Kamikaze crash. (Radio Intelligence)

21 February 1945 – Battle of Iwo Jima/USS Bismarck Sea (CVE 95)
There were 6,800 people killed during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Of those killed 69 were Radiomen (Communicators):
RM1c Milton J. Bartholomew, USN
ARM3c Frank A. Berry, USN
RM3c William F. Cuddington, USN
CRM George R. Heazle, USN
ARM1c James E. Land, USN
ARM2c Edward S. Lodzinski, USN
ARM1c Patrick J. Looney, USN
RM2c Richard J. Mccambridge, USN
ARM1c Charles M. Mcguirk, USN
RM3c Wilford J. Olsen, USN

October 24, 1944 – LCDR Francis D. Jordan, USN, a Japanese language officer, was captured by the Japanese after the fall of Corregidor, Philippine Islands, on 6 May 1942, and was held as a Prisoner of War on the Japanese “Hell Ship,” Arisan Maru.  While in captivity, he was killed on October 24, 1944 when an American submarine sank the Arisan Maru.

23 September 1944 – CPL Joseph A. Prete, USMC, CPL Stephen J. Weber, USMC, and PFC William Hughes, Jr., USMC were KIA at Peleiu Island, Palau Group, Carolina Islands. (Radio Intelligence)

31 July 1944 – LT Walter S. Gifford, USNR and LTJG Delbert Gideon were KIA at Funafuti Lagoon, Funafuti Island in the South Pacific. (Radio Intelligence)

7 July 1944 – RM2c Lyle J. Jansen, USN and RM2c Robert J. Lynch, USN, were both KIA in Kwelin, China.  (Radio Intelligence)

4-7 June, 1942 – Battle of Mid Way –
There were 307 people killed during the Battle of Midway.  Of those killed 46 were Radiomen (Communicators):
ARM3c David Donald Berg, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
RM3c Grant Ulysses Dawn, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
RM2c KARROLL, Joseph John Karroll, USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
RM3c Jay William Jenkins, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
RM3c Samuel Andrew Muntean, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM1c Harry William, Nelson Jr., USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM3c Charles Robert Young, Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ACRMA James Wilbur Adams, Patrol Squadron 44
RM3c William Hubert Ofarrell, Patrol Squadron 44
RM3c Louis Dale Hansen, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
RM3c Frederick Charles Jeck, Scouting Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM1c William Henry Stambaugh Scouting Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM2c Troy C Barkley, Torpedo Squadron 3 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM2c Robert Boyd Brazier, Torpedo Squadron 3, USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM1c Johnnie Ralph Cole, Torpedo Squadron 3,USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM3c Raymond Joseph Darce, Torpedo Squadron 3, USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM3c Benjamin R, Dodson, Jr., Torpedo Squadron 3 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM3c Richard Mathew Hansen, Torpedo Squadron 3 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM1c Harold C, Lundy Jr., Torpedo Squadron 3 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM3 Charles Lee Moore, Torpedo Squadron 3 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ACRMA Leo Edward Perry, Torpedo Squadron 3 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM3 William A, Phillips Jr., Torpedo Squadron 3 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
RM3c John Hail Bates, RM3, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM3c John Melville Blundell, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM3 Gregory Joseph Durawa, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM2c Wilburn Forrest Glenn, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM1c Charles Tilden Granat, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
RM2c John Udell Lane, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
RM3c Arthur Richard Lindgren, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM2c Harold F Littlefield, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
RM2c Edwin John Mushinski, Torpedo Squadron 6, USS ENTERPRISE (CV 6)
ARM3c Ross Eugene Bibb Jr., Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM3c Max Arthur Calkins, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM2c Darwin Lawrence Clark, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM3c Otway David Creasy Jr., Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
CRMP Horace Franklin Dobbs, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM3c George Arthur Field, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM2c Ronald Joseph Fisher, Torpedo Squadron 8
ARM3 Robert M Huntington, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM1c Amelio Maffei, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM2c Hollis Martin, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM2c Tom Hartsel Pettry, Torpedo Squadron 8
ARM2c Bernard Phillip Phelps, Torpedo Squadron 8
ARM3c William Franklin Sawhill, Torpedo Squadron 8, Midway
ARM1c Kenneth Cecil Bunch, Scouting Squadron 8, USS HORNET (CV 8)

4-9 May, 1942 – Battle of Coral Sea –
There were 223 people killed leading up to and during the Battle of Coral Sea.  Of those killed seven were Radiomen (Communicators):
RM2c Clifton Edward Matthews, USS CYTHERA (PY 26)
ARM2c Charles W, Rouser, Jr, Scouting Squadron 2, USS LEXINGTON (CV 2)
ARM2c Everett Clyde Hill, Bombing Squadron 5, USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM1c William Thomas Butler, Scouting Squadron 2, USS LEXINGTON (CV 2)
RM3c Woodrow Andrew Fontenot, Scouting Squadron 5, USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM2c Leon Hall, Scouting Squadron 5 USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)
ARM3c Franklin Delano Richesin, Scouting Squadron 5, USS YORKTOWN (CV 5)

2 March, 1942, LTjg Ted Adair Hilger (Japanese Language Officer) , KIA USS PILLSBURY (DD 227), Indian Ocean.

27 March, 1942, CRM Walter C. Rathsack, was KIA on board USS Atik (AK 101) when it was sunk by a German U-boat 300 miles east of Portsmouth, Virginia.  CRM Rathsack was the only On-The-Roof Gang member to be killed in action during World War II.  He was a graduate of class #10.   The Atik was sunk and all men on board perished. (Radio Intelligence)

31 December 1941 – YN3c Kenneth F. Grisham was crushed to death by an overturned tractor shortly after the first bombing attack on Corregidor.   He was the only casualty suffered by Station “C” while on Corregidor.  He had reported to Station “C” on July 8, 1941 from the USS HOUSTON (CA 30). (Radio Intelligence)

7 December 1941, Pearl Harbor attack –
There were 2,403 people killed at Pearl Harbor, which included 2,008 Sailors, 109 marines, 218 army and 68 civilians.  Of those killed 69 were Radiomen (Communicators):
RM2c Walter H Backman, USN
RM3c James E Bailey, USN
RM3c Harold W Bauer, USN
RM2c Albert Q Beal, USN
RM3c Howard W Bean, USN
RM3c Frederick R Bircher, USN
RM3c Wesley H Bishop Jr.,USNR
RM3c Albert E Blais, USNR
RM3c James W Brune, USNR
RM3c Ralph L Burden, USN
RM3c Mitchell Cohn, USN
RM3c Russell D Corning, USN
RM2c Lyle C Curtis, USN
RM2c Murle M Davis, USN
RM3c Bill L Driver, USN
RM3c Robert N Edling, USN
RM3c Bruce H Ellison, USN
RM3c Earl M Ellis, USN
RM2c Wilbur D Ellis, USN
RM3c Bernard Fields, USNR
RM2c Quentin J Gifford USN
RM3c Jack R Goldwater USN
RM1c Joseph A Gosselin, USN
RM3c Arthur Gould, USNR
RM3c Thomas E Griffith, USN
RM3c Frank S HoagJr., USN
RM3c Theodore Q Jensen, USN
RM3c John R Johnson, USN
RM3c Melvin G Johnson, USN
RM3c George E Jones, USN
RM3c Howard V Keffer, USN
RM3c George R Keith, USN
RM3c Warren J Kempf, USN
RM3c Leonard J Kozelek, USN
RM3c Donald J Kusie, USN
RM3c Bleecker Lattin, USN
RM2c George F Maybee, USNR
RM1c William C Miller, USN
RM3c Charles A Montgomery, USN
RM2c Clyde C Moore, USN
RM3c Joseph A Muhofski, USN
RM2c Dean B Orwick, USN
RM3c James P Owens, USNR
RM3c Joseph W Pace, USNR
RM3c John W Pence, USN
RM3c Sidney Pierce, USN
RM2c Arland E Price USN
RM3c Irvin F Rice, USN
RM3c Clyde Ridenour Jr., USN
RM1c Walter S Roberts Jr., USN
RM3c Alfred A Rosenthal, USN
RM2c Joe B Ross, USN
RM3c Frank W Royse, USN
RM3c Sherley R Sampson, USN
RM2c Tom Savin, USN
RM2c Benjamin Schlect, USN
RM3c, Harold E Shiffman, USN
RM3c, Malcolm H Shive, USNR
RM2c, Halge H Smestad, USN
RM3c, James F Sooter, USN
RM3c Julian J Stopyra, USN
RM3c Dante S Tini, USN
RM3c Frank P Treanor, USN
RM2c Floyd A Wells, USN
RM2c William D Williamson, USNR
RM3c Jack H Williams, USNR
RM3c Ray M Wilson, USNR
RM3c Bernard M Wilson, USNR
RM3c Starring B Winfield, USN

12 February, 1935, RM1c Earnest Edward Dailey died heroically when the USS Macon (ZRS 5) (airship) crashed off the coast of California.  He remained at his post, sending distress signals, while others manned their abandon ship stations.  He was a graduate of On-The-Roof Gang class #2. (Radio Intelligence)