Chief Durwood “Tex” Rorie is from Wichita Falls, Texas.  He joined the Navy in 1928 and served aboard many flag ships as a communicator.

He was assigned to the Philippines and Hawaii before WWII and was assigned to Fleet Radio Unit Pacific (FRUPAC) before and during the war.

Chief Rorie served as CDR Rochefort’s right hand man for staffing the Station HYPO, attending to the many administrative details and was largely responsible for recruiting the band members of the USS CALIFORNIA as IBM machine operators for the fledgling code-breaking unit in the “basement” of the old Administration Building at Pearl Harbor.

The attack on Pearl Harbor came so close to his home that his kids picked up shell casings in their back yard.  Chief Rorie started the war out as a Chief Petty Officer and ended it as a LCDR.  After retiring from the Navy after 30 years, he worked for the Preston Trucking Company in Preston Maryland as a terminal manager and general manager.

Source: Oral History Interview with Tex Rory dated Oct 5, 1984 – NSA-OH-27-84 – at Winter Springs, Florida. Declassified 27 Sept 2002. This report is held by the NCVA Archives in Pensacola, Florida.