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January 2019

The Imitation Game and the Real John Cairncross

The motion picture about Alan Tuning, The Imitation Game, shows many of the interesting characters who worked at Bletchley Park during World War II. In order to emphasize certain aspects about the life of Dr. Turing the script sometimes portrayed these other characters differently from the way they were in real life.

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Role Model Indeed!!

The incredible story about hardship, self-determination and perseverance!  Marquay Byrd is a Naval Officer currently attending the Cryptologic Warfare Officer Basic Course at Corry Station, Pensacola. Continue reading “Role Model Indeed!!”

German Spy Arrested, January 18, 1918

On January 18, 1918 the German spy, Lothar Witzke was arrested carrying a codebook and an encrypted message.

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Remembering ADRC Marshal H. McNamara, USN, KIA EC-121, April 15, 1969

Marshall H. McNamara died in the service of his country during the Vietnam War. Of that, there is no doubt.

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Betrayer of Trust!

In early January 1955, an NSA employee pleaded guilty to an espionage-related offense, the first ever. This led to the first public mentions of NSA, which was only little more than two years old. Continue reading “Betrayer of Trust!”

Early Direction Finding: ITEM

The Last CDAA Site Built
Field Guide to Coronado History:
Top Secret Station, Codename “ITEM”

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