Throughout recorded history several navies have dominated known waters – the Athenians, the Vikings, the Chinese, the Phoenicians, the British – for a period of time.

From the days of ALFRED, the Six Frigates, the Quasi-War, the Barbary Wars, and the War of 1812, we’ve been a force to be reckoned with.  Our very founding was predicated upon challenging the greatest naval power the world had ever known, the British Royal Navy, for control of the seas surrounding the Colonies.  We have dominated the globe since the end of World War 2 in a way never matched by any military or national organization before us, placing us not only in that elite group of navies, but indisputably atop that list.

The difference between the United States Navy and those navies that have come before us is that our domination of Neptune’s realm has measurably improved the lot of man, regardless of nationality.  Like no Navy before us, we enforce and encourage freedom of the seas and open trade across them for both our friends and our enemies.  The last 70 years has seen unprecedented improvement in the human condition and national wealth around the world, and it is we who allow that to happen.

The United States Navy is an organization unique in human history, and we are all a part of that.  Take some pride in what we are and what we represent.

Happy 243rd Shipmates.