SSGT Hugh Lynch was a Korean linguist (and possibly Russian) and probably Morse qualified as well since USMC routinely sent collectors to R-branch school before language school. He also flew in Da Nang in early 1968, earning two Air Medals during a four month det.
Staff Sergeant Lynch was a member of the crew of an EC-121 surveillance aircraft, serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. The aircraft was based at NAS Atsuga, Japan.

On 15 April 1969, his US Navy VQ-1 EC-121M (Bu No. 135749) with the call sign, “Deep Sea 129”, flew a routine reconnaissance mission over the Sea of Japan. At roughly 1350 local time, while approximately 90 nautical miles off the North Korean coast southeast of Chongjin, the plane was shot down by North Korean MiG-21 fighters. All 31 crewmen were reported missing.

Hugh M. Lynch was presumed dead on May 2, 1969. His body was never recovered so this memorial is a cenotaph.