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Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Navy Cryptology


June 2018

History of the Cryptologic Technician (CT) Rating

Today’s Cryptologic Technician can trace their roots back to those enterprising Radiomen who taught themselves the Japanese Katakana code in the early to mid-1920s and established the first intercept station at Shanghai, China.
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Congratulations to CT Senior Chief Selects

Congratulations to the following Cryptologic Technicians Chiefs selected to Senior Chief:

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Remembering CTR(EXW) Michael J. Strange, KIA – Afghanistan

CTR1 Michael J. Strange
U.S. Navy
June 6, 1986 – August 6, 2011

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History of the Electronic Warfare (EW) Technician Rating

The history of the Electronic Warfare Technician (EW) rating is directly linked to RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) systems installed on U.S. Navy ships and submarines prior to and during World War Two.
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History of the Information System Technology (IT) Rating

The origins of the Information System Technology (IT) rating goes back to more than a century.
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