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June 2018

Honoring Captain Todd A. Gagnon, Commanding Officer NIOC Hawaii

Tomorrow Captain Gagnon will be relieved by Captain Madelene Means as the Commanding Officer, Navy Information Operations Command.  Captain Gagnon’s next assignment will be Commander, Carrier Strike Group TWO staff to serve as the Information Warfare Commander.  Congratulations on a successful command tour!

Captain Gagnon’s biography follows: Continue reading “Honoring Captain Todd A. Gagnon, Commanding Officer NIOC Hawaii”

Correction Made!

Thanks to CTMCM Phillip Drogosch and his contact at the Uniform Matters Office, today a change was made to the U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations to reflect the correct Cryptologic Technician (CT) Rating badge.
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Remembering James C. Maxwell

Born on June 13, 1831 in Edinburgh, Scotland and died on November 5, 1879 in Cambridge, Cambridge shire, England, James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish physicist best known for his formulation of electromagnetic theory.
Continue reading “Remembering James C. Maxwell”

Remembering RM2 Jerry B. Farr, KIA, USS STARK (FFG 31)

Originally from Johns Island South Carolina, RM2 Jerry Boyd Farr graduated from St. Johns High School in 1970.  He had been stationed on the USS STARK (FFG 31) less than two months before the ship was attacked. Continue reading “Remembering RM2 Jerry B. Farr, KIA, USS STARK (FFG 31)”

Remembering the USS LIBERTY and Her Crew

On June 8 1967, the USS LIBERTY (AGTR 5) was attacked in international water by Israeli forces killing 34 Americans and wounding another 171.  Seven out of every 10 crew members was either killed or injured! Continue reading “Remembering the USS LIBERTY and Her Crew”

History of the Cryptologic Technician (CT) Rating

Today’s Cryptologic Technician can trace their roots back to those enterprising Radiomen who taught themselves the Japanese Katakana code in the early to mid-1920s and established the first intercept station at Shanghai, China.
Continue reading “History of the Cryptologic Technician (CT) Rating”

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