A simple request from Mrs. Fullerton, the wife of a man who worked for ADM Nimitz during WWII.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. “It is now 1:08 am and I have been enjoying all that I have been seeing on this site.  I am looking for a picture of the first CINPAC building that Admir Nimitz was in during wwii. My husband worked for he and Rear Admir Furlough (sp?) doing telephone installing ec until 1945. He has passed away now leaving his 3 children whom I am making a family history book for them and would like the picture of that old underground place where he worked to show them as he died when 2 of them were too young to remember his stories. He really respected and loved Admir Nimitz, who had given him a large package of the pictures after the war ended and were no longer restricted for non military persons but right after he returned back to his home in Seattle, Wa. His house burned down and he lost everything right after he got home. Does anyone on here know where I can find copies of that old CINCPAC underground place? I went over to find it myself and no sooner go to Hawaii then had a stroke 2nd day and spent my 2 weeks in the hospital and had to return home. I am going back on May 7th for 4 days and hope to get the opportunity to take some pictures myself if allowed but I’d love to have any that folks could email me, please?  Thank you, Mrs. Lorraine Fullerton….. rainie1428@yahoo.com”

Thank you,