On April 15, 1969 a U.S. Navy VQ-1 EC-121M (callsign, “Deep Sea 129”) flew a routine Beggar Shadow reconnaissance mission over the Sea of Japan.  At roughly 1347 local time, while approximately 90 NM off the North Korean coast, the aircraft was shot down by two North Korean MiG-21 fighters.  All 31 crewmen were killed.
The aircraft flight track was to take off from Atsugi Naval Air Station Japan, fly two and a half orbits off the coast of North Korea (at an approach not to exceed 50 nautical miles) and land at Osan, Republic of Korea.  The flight was scheduled for approximately eight and a half hours after departure.  Six hours and 48 minutes into the flight the aircraft was shootdown.

President Nixon suspended peacetime aerial reconnaissance program (PARPRO) flights in the Sea of Japan for three days and then allowed them to resume, only with escorts. No reparations were ever paid to the U.S. or the families of the lost airmen.  North Korea not only celebrated the shoot down of our aircraft, but also celebrated Kim II-Sung birthday

The following is the list of the crew by name, rank/rate and job description; participating Units (listed by Callsign; U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force Aircraft; Shore Commands and finally the Log with a detailed time-line of events.

PR-21 Crew:

LCDR James Howard Overstreet     1310      Electronic Warfare Aircraft Commander
LT Peter Philip Perrottet                   1315      Copilot
LTjg Joseph Richard Ribar*              1315      Copilot
AEC LaVerne Albert Greiner                           Flight Engineer
ADRC Marshall Harry McNamara                 Flight Engineer
ADR1 Ballard Franklin Connors, Jr.              Flight Engineer
LTjg Robert Joseph Sykora                1325      Navigator
LTjg Norman Elbert Wilkerson        1355     Navigator
ATN3 David Monroe Willis                             Radio Operator
CTO2 Steven Joseph Tesmer                           Secure Communicator
LT John Halleck Singer                      1325      Senior Evaluator (SEVAL)
LT Dennis Baird Gleason                   1325      Evaluator
LT John Dzema                                    6802      Evaluator
LT Robert Frank Taylor                     1100      Communications Evaluator (COMEVAL)
AT1 Bernie Joel Colgin                                     Airborne Electronics Supervisor (AES)
AT1 Richard Edson Sweeney, Jr.*                  EW Operator (EWOP)
AT1 Stephen Curtis Chartier                          EW Operator (EWOP)
ATR2 Dennis Joseph Horrigan                       EW Operator (EWOP)
AT1 James Leroy Roach                                   Radar Operator
ATR2 Timothy Harlan McNeil                        Radar Operator
ATR3 Gene Kenneth Graham                         Radar Operator
ATN2 Richard Henry Kincaid                         Crew Leader
ADR2 Louis Francis Balderman                     Mech
AN Richard Thomas Prindle                           Plane Captain
CTIC Frederick Arthur Randall                      Russian Linguist
CTIC Richard Earl Smith                                 Chinese or Korean Linguist
CTI1 John Howard Potts                                  Korean Linguist
SSGT Hugh Michael Lynch                              Korean Linguist
CTI3 Philip David Sundby                               Korean Linguist
CTR3 John Alexander Miller, III                     Morse Operator
CTR3 Gary Ray DuCharme                              Morse Operator

*body recovered

Participating Units (listed by Callsign):

– CLIMAX/USS Enterprise (CVAN-65)
– GREY EAGLE/USS Ranger (CVA-61)
– PANTHER/USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63)
– RICHARD INDIA/COMDESRON 3 (embarked in Sterett)
– SEA POWER/USS Tappahannock (AO-43)
– VOLO SONG/USS Sterett (DLG-31)(5)
– WILLOW/USS Henry W. Tucker (DD-875)

– CAMAY/F-4?
– DEEPSEA/VQ-1 squadron callsign
– DUMBO/C-130’s based at Tachikawa AB
– DUSTY MOMENT/ VP-40 P-3Bs deployed to Fleet Air Wing (FAW) Six at Iwakuni (RJOI).
– SKY KING Collective callsign used by Fuchu (5th Air Force) to address advisory information to PARPRO missions.

Tail numbers prefixed by AIR FORCE:

– 22713
– 30174
– 50963/HC-130H (c/n 4103),  36 ARRS/41 ARRW,  Tachikawa AB
– 50971/HC-130H (c/n 4116),  36 ARRS/41 ARRW,  Tachikawa AB
– 50974
– 50988/HC-130P (c/n 4143)

Shore Commands:

– DEAD EYE/based at Osan

The Log (6):

1. Entries from the Air Plot Duty Officer (APDO) log are printed in black.
2. Information extracted from the USS Tucker on-line history is printed in green.
3. Information extracted from the Report of the Congressional inquiry is printed in red.
4. Information extracted from the NSA study is printed in blue.

Tuesday  15 April 1969

[all times shown are local Atsugi Japan time unless indicated as GMT (Z)]

-0635       APDO  watch manned; ASDO notified
-0650       Hotline check  (8)
-0654       DEEPSEA 111 (PR-31) airborne
-0659       DEEPSEA 129 (PR-21) airborne
-0702       Fuchu (KT) notified of 0654 and 0659 entries
-0715       Out reports on D.S. 111 and 129 to back room.
-0717       Ground check with Kamiseya (via secure comms (9) ).  Kamiseya receipts several minutes later.
-0718       OP-REP TWOs (2) to Comm
-0747       Was properly relieved by LT(JG) R.J. Hyde  (10)  /s/ Carl Mayfield (11)
-0748       Assumed the duties of APDO.  /s/ R.J. Hyde, LT(JG)
-0817       Routine voice message received from aircraft. (12)
-0847       Chatter between aircraft and Kamiseya (via secure comms) regarding minor communications issues.
-0908       Hakata (USA-58) advises Osan (USA-31) of mission departure via OPSCOMM  (13).
-0925       Communications problems are resolved between aircraft and Kamiseya.
-0940       Called Ops and closed out the tactical flight plan on DEEPSEA 111 & D.S. 129
-0945       Secure Comms operator on aircraft advises Kamiseya that further transmissions would be on hold due to ongoing activity at one of the radiotelephone intercept positions  (14).
-1005       Initial Soviet reflection of flight, 150 NM southeast of Vladivostok.
-1025       Aircraft acknowledges transmission from Kamiseya with three pulses of the secure comm transmitter.
-1200       Aircraft reports ops normal [probably via HF voice, but not clear since parts
were redacted].
-1219       Hakata reports loss of Soviet tracking of mission [to Osan].  OPSCOMM circuit down for 19 minutes.
-1234       OPSCOMM between Hakata and Osan restored.  Osan reports fighter activity to the southwest over Tongjo-son Bay (well away from the EC-121).
-1235       A monitoring U.S. facility detected North Korean aircraft apparently reacting to the EC-121 (15).
-1244       Osan reports North Korean aircraft tracking back towards the [North] Korean landmass.
-1300       Routine TTY (teletype) message received from aircraft (16). {NSA reports shortly after 1300 the aircraft responded to an hourly comms check with Kamiseya. This would be the aircraft’s last transmission.  OPSCOMM between Osan and Hakata goes down.
-1320       Osan-Hakata OPSCOMM is restored, and Osan reports fighter reactions over the Sea of Japan, 100 miles east of Hoemun.
-1330       EC-121 approaches the north end of track and starts to turn to the east (17).
-1335       Initial reflection of the MiGs [in target air defense tracking].
-1340       {Warning to aircraft}
-1342       Direct service tip-off sent from USA-31 to 314th Air Division Warning Center. [both in Osan]
-1344       Condition 3 on D.S. 129
-1345       Brigadier General Arthur W. Holderness, Commander of the 314th Air Division, orders the launch of two CAP to a position where they can assist the EC-121. USA-31 issued a SPOT report citing the reaction to 43 addressees.  VQ-1 and NSGA Kamiseya were not on distro for this message.
-1346       Warning issued to aircraft.
-1347       Estimated time of shootdown.
-1349       MiG and EC-121 tracks separate.
-1351       Tracking of EC-121 ceases. USA-31 sends a follow-up to their earlier direct service tip-off, citing the merged tracks at 1347.
-1354       Second warning issued to aircraft.
-1355       Received Condition 5 at 150443 and 150450Z on D.S. 129 4000N/13030E. Notified AIO, Ops.
-1400       NSGA Kamiseya, unaware of reaction, attempts routine hourly comm check with aircraft.  No joy.  Kamiseya continues to attempt contact for the next hour and twelve minutes.
-1401       Two F-102 placed on combat air patrol (CAP) from Osan, Korea, airborne at 150004 e.s.t [1404 local], to a position to cover possible egress of EC-121. (Position approximately 120 southeast of last known position of EC-121).
-1404       USAF CAP launches.  Tracking of NKAF fighters ceases at USA-31.
-1410       Commanding Officer VQ-1 calls Fuchu for information on flight, including any communications or abort message received.  Numerous follow-up calls are made, all with negative results.
-1415       USA-31 confirms that tracking of NKAF fighters dropped at 1404 (0504Z).
-1420       USA-31 issues a follow-up to SPOT report, stating no reflection of EC-121 since 1347 [0447Z].  Follow-up sent to same distro as original SPOT, so again VQ-1 and NSGA Kamiseya were not included.
-1440       Called BIRDCAGE to inquire about D.S. 129 – no contact.
-1453       Relief fighters [F-106] launch from Osan.
-1444       CRITIC sent from field (18).
-1444       USA-31 decides to issue CRITIC, [which by definition goes only to DIRNSA. DIRNSA is responsible for redistribution at high levels, and additionally issues a Lateral CRITIC, which is a copy of the original text sent to a select distribution. NSGA Kamiseya received the Lateral CRITIC, their first indication that something had happened].
-1450       White House message center receives CRITIC.  When the President was notified was never determined. President Nixon was apparently notified about four hours after the shootdown by Henry Kissinger.
-1454       CRITIC received at National Military Command Center (NMCC) at Pentagon.
-1458       VQ-1 sends flash precedence message to [redacted] requesting info.  Kamiseya receives Lateral CRITIC.
-1501       Lateral CRITIC received at VQ-1 from Kamiseya.
-1509       Commanding Officer VQ-1 calls Fifth AF to request SAR, and attempts to contact Fifth Air Force at Osan (19).
-1510       Contacted DEADEYE (74) launch CAP to 4112N/13148E at 0411Z
-1512       LT Reynold advises cannot send (BIRDCAGE) CAP that far north.
-1512       Commanding Officer VQ-1 calls Fifth AF Combat Operations Center (COC) again to request SAR.
-1520       Commanding Officer VQ-1 contacts 5th AF Joint Rescue Center (JRC) by phone
and is advised an HC-130 SAR aircraft is preparing to launch.
-1521       Fuchu called for project number.  Passed by LTJG Herrington (20)
-1522       COMAF Korea reports to NMCC (received at 150351[EST]) EC-121 aircraft lost two F-106 aircraft placed on CAP at 150122[EST] from Osan, Korea, to area south and east of loss point.
-1528       Fuchu called D.S. 129 on SKYKING net for position report – negative contact.
-1530       (late entry) D.S. 170 landed Bangkok 150555Z.  Take off – 150106Z.  Messages to Intel.
-1542       SAR HC-130 launches from Tachikawa.
-1553       CAPT Fallman, Osan inquired about D.S. 129.  Confirmed position at 0411Z.
-1555       US Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) monitors Pyongyang Domestic Service broadcast announcing shootdown.
-1558       LT(jg) Fraley, Base Ops Atsugi National Military Command Center in Washington Colonel Dunn, General Kendall inquiring about D.S. 129.  Gave them telephone numbers 5088 & 5496.
-1600       D.S. 111 landed Tainan at 0411Z.  Passed by Fuchu (13).  Sent message to Intel.
-1610       A C-130 and F 106’s are launching a SAR estimating in the area at 1840.
-1635       Commander Loeffle(r) (21) will launch a P-3 from FAW-6 to the SAR effort.
-1700       USS Tucker (DD-875) and USS Dale (DLG 19), moored at Pier Six, Sasebo; ordered by COMSEVENTHFLT to get underway ASAP and proceed to the Sea of Japan to
search for the downed plane/crew.
-1700       FBIS monitors English language broadcast from Pyongyang claiming shootdown as a “brilliant victory.”
-1704       DEADEYE called from Osan inquiring about beacon equipment on EC-121M, gave him 500 K, 243.0 MHZ,  121.5 MHZ  83.64 MHZ.  Inquired about CPI
informed him no such equiptment (sic) was aboard (G.S.)
-1740       SAR aircraft arrives in area.
-1835       Called Fuchu to determine whether SAR effort was in the area of D.S. 129. Replied they were east of MOJAC right now.
-1835       DIRNSA declares SIGINT Readiness BRAVO HANGER for NSA and select field stations (22).
-1910       Fuchu (13) reported that all bases in Korea and Japan were checked for D.S. 129 on any ramp – results negative.
-1927       Col Goldberg said C-130 and CAP are now in the search area and would remain on station for another hour and one-half (5th Air Force).
-2008       Tucker underway, after executing a successful emergency recall.  Only 13 crew left behind.
-2030       CDR Loeffler FAW-6 said his contact with JRC (5th AF?) told him the(y) didn’t want his P-3 to join the search.
-2035       CAPT Hoyt (JRC) (23)  said the same, but did state the C-130 would remain as long as the(y) had CAP.  It would be longer than the previous off station time of 2100I but did not give definite time.  Also it would not be replaced on station.  Daylight would begin again.
-2105       Dale underway.
-2125       Contacted SGT Stewart at JRC about status of rescue.  Said a relief for the bird on station was launching at this time, they are anticipating coverage thru the night.
-2145       VQ-1 CO passed the word there were su(r)vivors, flares & smoke seen in the area.
-2220       Called 314F. JRC reports sightings, numerous beepers although no confirmation of life.  Do not know how pick up will be made at this time.  No voice contact.
-2320       Called SGT Smith at JRC.  Still reports no visual sign of life no voice contact. Two ships are enroute.

Wednesday, 16 April 1969

-0010       Passed to Fuchu CORNFLOWER off 2328I.
-0020       Called 314.  JRC reports numerous beepers was the result of responses of an accidental triggering of beeper radio in search aircraft. Now negative lights. Flare reported earlier was result of one delivered by search craft.  SGT Stewart.
-0120       Called 314.  SGT Springfield – Rescue JRC reports no contact, no signs of survivors.  Expanding square search.
-0235       Called 314.  CAPT White reported JRC aircraft conducting the search had no contacts whatsoever.
-0327       Called 314.  JRC’s CAPT Jackson reported no contacts or signs of survivors. Sea state 2-4 ft. H2O temp 39 (degrees).
-0330       Dale catches up with Tucker, and ships increase speed to 25 knots as they pass through Tsushima Straits.
-0427       Called 341(sic). JRC’s SGT Springfield just finished talking to SAR a/c – no contacts or sightings.  Search continues.
-0527       Called JRC SGT Springfield about SAR efforts.  No contacts this time.
-0600       JRC SGT Springfield reports no contacts or sightings at the scene.  1 P-3 from FAW-6 2 HC-130’s from Tachi on scene – no CAP – surface 2-4 ft H2O temp 39.
-0720       JRC SGT VanTassell  4 HC-130/C-130 will be launching from Tachi before the hour.  They will have CAP.  No sightings, contacts, beepers, etc. have been observed by the rescue a/c.
-0735       Was properly relieved of duties of APDO.  /s/ R.A. Hyde, LT(jg) USN
-0735       Assumed the duties of APDO.  /s/ LTjg W.R. Bailey
-0739       Received phone call from Sharon Swanson inquiring about her brother ADJ3 John Petrie.  Referred her to 5485 CDR Joungewaard.
-0811       Received phone call from COL Goldberg for CDR Patterson. (24)
-0821       Called Tac-314 JRC on rescue status.  3 aircraft from Tachi estimate area at 0836, 0840, 0849.  3 aircraft (H-3’s) enroute from Okinawa. 2 unk aircraft from Okinawa estimate area at 0845, 0850.  1 P-3 in area now.  4 a/c being launched from Tachi ASAP – no change in area conditions – no sightings or beepers –
-0840       Air Force Rescue 50974, 50965, 50971 in the area this time.  Contact them on freq 11236 HF
-0855       Called Tac-314 to find out common SAR freq and to talk to Air Force Rescue a/c: Freq is HF 7945 upper sideband.
-0915       Radio watch monitoring the following freqs HF 11.236 (Fuchu/SKY KING) HF 7.945 (SAR) 6.715 (SAR).
-0926       Called Tac-314 for rescue area condition check – negative results – no beepers no sightings.  Freq change 8980 HF.
-0930       Received confirmation on DUSTY MOM-01 sighting of debris, paper, uninflated life raft, and two (2) Soviet DD’s at position 4114N/13150E time 2350Z. Confirmation from Tac-314 Major McHave.
-0937       Received secondary report from DUST MOM 01 of the sighting of the life raft time 0037Z
-1000       DUSTY MOM 01 relayed to 50971 who relayed to TENANT Control the following: Russian DD picked up a 20 man life raft.  DUSTY MOM 01 sighted possible Mae West, possible man in life raft, and saw a green flare.  Time of sighting 0059Z.
-1003       Tachi launched two (2) Air Force C-130’s callsigns JUMBO-3 and JUMBO-4 (25).
-1015       Monitoring SAR freq 8980 HF; received position report of life raft coordinates 4114N/13150(E). These are the same as the initial sighting.
-1020       Dale detaches from Tucker, remaining close to Japan to take SAR helo onboard. Tucker increases speed to 27 knots and beelines toward crash site.
-1033       DUSTY MOM 01 reported the side numbers of the two (2) on scene Soviet DD’s as 580 and 429.
-1035       Late entry – DEEPSEA 111 airborne at 0100Z from Tainan to Da Nang.  Notified Fuchu and back room.
-1037       DUSTY MOM 01 relayed that the Soviet DD (side # 429) picked up the 20 man life raft.
-1059       AIR FORCE 50971 reported debris in area of coordinates 4119N/13148.  Major axis of area 3 miles by 1 mile.
-1213       AIR FORCE 50971 is going to drop a URC-10 radio to the Soviet destroyer side #580.
-1235       Dropped radio at time 1228.
-1358       Still unable to make contact by radio with Soviet DD.
-1400       Tucker approached by a low-flying TU-16 BADGER (Soviet bomber).  Ship goes to General Quarters, but aircraft does not display hostile intent.
-1445       Late entry – DEEPSEA 111 on deck 0400Z (estimated).  Notified back room and Fuchu.
-1512       Aircraft in rescue area are as follows: DUSTY MOM 08, DUSTY MOM 09, AIR FORCE 22713 is estimating on station 0534Z to become on scene commander.
-1522       AIR FORCE 22713 on station commander this time.
-1526       AIR FORCE 50971 to AIR FORCE 22713 – Reports Badgers flying over rescue area at 2000 feet. Air Force is searching at 500 (feet).  This is in sector #2 search area.
-1535       AIR FORCE 50971 reported to 22713 that the Soviet DD #580 departed the area about 0420Z, speed approximately 20 kts.  Also said the Soviet DD recovered what looked to be an emergency exit door panel and a large section of aluminum.  Mag heading of ship 350 degrees.1539       AIR FORCE 50971 reported the debris at this time as 4119N/13148(E).
-1541       AIR FORCE 50971 reported position of Soviet DD#429 as 4116N/13144E.
-1553       Soviet DD#580 approximately 60 miles north of rescue area. Time 0650Z.
-1610       AIR FORCE 50963 from Osan is estimating rescue area 0714Z.  Endurance time approximately 14 hours.  This plane has a LT on board that speaks Russian. Going to drop a radio to Soviet DD#580.
-1634       AIR FORCE 50963 established contact with Soviet DD # 580 this time.
-1647       Additional Soviet bombers circle USS Tucker.
-1656       USS Tucker, call sign (WILLOW), estimates position 4110N/13144E at 1940I.  The USS Dale, call sign (CORNFLOWER) is one and one-half hours behind the Tucker (26).
-1733       From AIRFORCE 50963 to 5th Air Force Rescue, relayed details of conversation with Soviet DD # 580 as follows: Contact made at position 4116N/13140E.  Ship heading due south – 28 miles north of crash site.  Conversation was made on the URC-10 radio.  Pilot asked the following questions.  Reply was made in broken English.  “Do you have any survivors?”  Answer “Negative.”  “Do you have any aircraft parts” Answer “Affirmative”   At this time the ship said the parts are on the aft part of the ship.  The aircraft asked permission to fly over the ship.  The ship granted this and the plane flew over and took pictures.  The pilot noted the following articles: wheel, ladder and shirt.  The pilot then asked if DD # 429 had picked up any survivors. Reply was “negative.”  Russians asked “How many were on board the downed aircraft?” Pilot replied 31 people.  Russians asked “Are any still alive?” Pilot replied he didn’t know but they were still looking.  The ship (DD#580) changed heading to north closing in on the 30 mile limit.  The pilot asked the ship if they had seen any survivors.  Ship replied “negative.”  5th Air Force asked the pilot to drop a radio to #429 who was south of the crash site.
-1803       AIR FORCE 30174 reported position of Soviet DD #429 4043N/13145E at time 0900Z.
-1805       AIR FORCE 30174 dropped radio to Soviet DD #429 at time 0903Z.
-1830       AIR FORCE 22713 is overall commander of on scene SAR operations.  The U.S.S. Dale (DLG 19), call sign CORNFLOWER, is surface commander.
-1925       Received the following information monitoring the transmission from AIR FORCE 50963 to 5th Air Force Rescue Center.  At 1745 local time aircraft dropped radio.  At 1810 local ship picked up radio; reversed its course from 030 degrees to 210 degrees.  Pilot asked the ship (DD#429) what parts of the plane did they have on board?  The ship answered giving the following list: 1 rubber life raft no size given, 2 cigarette packs, 2 imperial pencils, 1 aircraft seat, parts of wood,  1 mans coat no name, parts of aircraft – looking up names of these articles in Russian dictionary (our aircraft doing this).  Will pass this information later.  All answers from DD#429 were given in Russian.

The pilot then asked, if the ships in the crash area last night were theirs?  After this question the Russians broke off communications.  Up to this point communications had been clear.  It was a definite break off.  Time of this break, 1840 local.  At 1900 the DD#429 flashed a light at the plane.  At 1905 the ship left the area without answering the last question.  Position of the DD#429 at 1905 was 4105N 13128E, speed 22 kts, heading on course 000 magnetic.
-1939       USS Tucker arrives on station, first USN ship on scene.
-2010       AIR FORCE 30174 returned to home base.
-2100       USS Tucker, USS Dale, AIR FORCE 22713, AIR FORCE 50963 are in the rescue area.
-2110       USS Dale arrives on scene and assumes tactical command of SAR effort.
-2135       Operations normal in the rescue area.
-2200       Air Force DUMBO 01 reported in rescue area.
-2250       AIR FORCE 22713 relayed search coordinates to DUMBO 01 as follows: 4129N/13123E, 4050N/13223E, 4114N/13248E, 4153N/13148E.  DUMBO 01 will fly
search at 2000 feet.
-2303       AIR FORCE 50963 departed rescue area for home base.
-2354       DUMBO 02 search pattern coordinates 4129N/13123E, 4050N/13223E, 4026N/13156E, 4106N/13056E.
-2358       Conditions of rescue area normal.  AIR FORCE 22713 gave indications that one of our destroyers had picked up some debris.

Thursday, 17 April 1969

-0047       Radio monitored following: WILLOW has picked up section of fuselage with shrapnel holes also a flare parachute container.  Backroom notified, SDO
notified and he notified the C.O.
-0050       TAC-314 said pickup was in the area of 4119N/13148E.
-0115       Monitored SAR forces description of fuselage – silver in color, bracing on back –no other markings.
-0130       USS Dale sights body but unable to recover in darkness.
-0245       Aircraft # 50969 has been relieved as scene commander by CORNFLOWER.  5th Air Force Rescue Center ask CORNFLOWER to search in a straight line between 4155N/13200E and 4130N/13135E.  A/C #50969 will remain on station.
-0305       Received about a three minute transmission on the SAR freq which appeared to be a foreign language being spoken.
-0320       5th Air Force is expanding straight line search by sending more a/c to the rescue area.
-0330       Fuchu requested ships to conduct a parallel search with a separation of two (2) N.M. from 4100N/13226E to 3220N/13226E – from 4220N/13153E to 4100N/13153E.
-0352       Ships informed aircraft that search would take 11 hours.
-0610       Ships relayed the following position report:  Time of position 2058Z. CORNFLOWER 4137N/13142E.  WILLOW is in Area #2 picking up debris.
-0620       Lost power in 181 for one minute period.
-0630       Lost power – turned on AI’s emergency generator informed SDO.
-0644       Power back.
-0715       Called Fuchu and talked to Major McHave in regards to additional debris picked up by the WILLOW.  Nothing has been reported from the ship.  This indicates nothing significant has been found.
-0729       Lost power – emergency generator on.
-0735       WILLOW picking up some debris at position 4130N/13136.5E.
-0736       Aircraft in rescue area:  DUMBO 04, DUSTY MOM 02.  Enroute aircraft are 988, 974.
-0801       Properly relieved by LTjg Townsend  /s/ William R. Bailey, LTjg USNR
-0802       Assumed duties of APDO.
-1050       From WILLOW to RESCUE at time 171045I.  SAR SITREP Fig 1.  WILLOW conducts search area of heave debris at 4128N/13125E by a/c A/F RESCUE 50988. Fig 2.  Small boat over side considerable material pieces of fuselage, cabin interior, 3 charts, seat parts and covers, apparel, air nav logs.
-1054       5th Rescue relay air nav log is legiable (sic).
-1117       SITREP CORNFLOWER and WILLOW at 4112N/13148E. During night collected debris swept corridor 10 miles wide (4127N/13151E, 4130N/13135E, and 4155N/13200E.  CORNFLOWER came 10 miles downwind, 20 miles from site of crash.  WILLOW remained at site.
-1130       WILLOW picked up one intact body in vacinity(sic) of 4155N/13200E.  Exact coordinates of body pickup 4130N/13145E. Time 0234Z.
-1139       A second body picked up at 4130N/13145E (27).
-1143       Recovered bodies reported to have only flight suits on no survival (sic) equipment.
-1214       Request CORNFLOWER proceeded to far north corner of search area to search
for survivors.
-1259       CORNFLOWER found body with life vest on at 4131N/13141E.
-1323       Late entry time 1256  Fuchu Rescue Control advise 5th AF athorizes(sic) increase boundries(sic) to 13100N 4218E (sic) in addition insure a naval accompanies you to northwest position, as per drift information passed to you for possibilities of finding survivors(sic).
-1326       Aircraft on station DUSTY MOMENT 05, 50988, 50974, 50971.
-1330       CORNFLOWER stopped to pickup two (2) LPM.  No bodies found.  1259 entry No bodie(s) found with LPM(s).
-1336       50963 on station.
-1417       Switched from frequency 8980 MHz to 7945 MHz.
-1427       Sitings(sic) at 4206N/13141E reported debris in water as follows  several bits of white wood and unidentified debris.
-1430       All units to stay east and south of 4140N/13155E.
-1518       Position of aircraft and ships at following times:  1455, 50988 at 4130N/13135E; 1455, 50971 at 4138N/13205E; 1445, 50963 at 4138N/13205E, 50988 at 4136N/13135E; DUMBO 06 4030N/13225E: DUSTY MOMENT 05 at 4126N/13202E; WILLOW at 4130N/13135E; CORNFLOWER 4140N/13118E.
-1541       Search will be conducted along the 131 parallel due to restrictions.
-1615       All ships and aircraft involved in search will stay south of 4140N and east of
-1715       The following is aircraft situation:  50974, 50971, 50963 return to Tachi.  DUSTY 05 to be replaced by DUSTY 08, 22713 to replace 50967 at 1400Z. DUMBO to return to Tachi at sunset. 50967 on seen(sic) commander.
-1900       USS Sterett (DLG-31) with COMDESRON 3 embarked arrives on station. COMDESRON 3 assumes tactical control of SAR.
-1927       Fuchu informed by 50967 that aircraft unable to continue low level search due to visability(sic) but will continue to assist ships by droping(sic) flares.
-1937       RI now aboard WILLOW SONG no longer aboard CORNFLOWER.
-1947       Correction to 1937 entry – RI now aboard BOLLO SONG vice WILLOW SONG.
-2015       Properly relieved by LTjg G.L. Morningstar (28)  /s/ B.L. Townsend, LTjg USNR
-2016       Assumed duties of APDO.
-2025       At 1105Z 967 called TENNANT – DUSTY 05, 967 and 03 flight ops normal. Request go sideband lower.
-2055       DUSTY MOMENT called 08 at 1145Z – say 05 dept RJOI (29) at (1115Z)? Est. on station on time.
-2056       967 to TENNANT – “No DF on CW transmitter on freq at present – does not sound like international code.  Request that TENNANT check into it.
-2100       967 called RESCUE (1151Z) – 22713 will be on scene at 1345Z.
-2134       TENNANT to 967 (1801Z) “S Y to convoy 80” This is decode of KAC groups sent.
-2138       967 to TENNANT (2131Z) Change primary freq to 8980.
-2150       TENNANT to 967 (1248Z)  RESCUE 713 will arrive on scene about 1304Z.  Will have amble(sic) amount of flares – DUSTY MOMENT 08 can save his flares.
-2212       967 to TENNANT (1312Z) – Ops normal for all aircraft on scene.
-2220       TENNANT to 967 (1317Z) – AF Rescue departed Osan at 1200Z for 4030N/13300E. ETA – 1340Z.
-2225       Radio conversation so far – except for enteries(sic) – since 2000 have been on frequency changes, ops normal reports, and reports of planes on and off station.
-2320       713 to RESCUE (1417Z) – 08, 713, 967 – 3 planes on station – ops normal.
-2343       967 to TENNANT (1437Z) departed area at 1436Z.

Friday, 18 April 1969

-0205       TENNANT to 713 – 1627Z – Request location’s on 713 and D.M. 08 (1628Z) both at 4130N/12925E dropping flares.
-0207       0205 position is in error because 12923E would put the planes about 101-5 miles inland.  Radio watch possibly copied position wrong. This position is out of proportion with restrictions of east and south of 4140N/13155E (1430 entry of 17
April 69).
-0310       Nothing coming in on radio except for ops normal reports, etc.
-0355       TENNANT to 08 (1849Z) – RESCUE gave 08 coordinates for search.  Too much noise for radio to copy coordinates.  965 will relieve 713.  713 and 08 on station.
-0324       (time sic) DUMBO 01 to TENNANT – (1922Z) DUMBO 01 departed Tachi at 1804Z est 40N/133E at 2053Z.
-0504       TENNANT to 713 (1935Z) DUSTY MOMENT 04 headed for area.  DUMBO 01 and 02 also headed for area.
-0506       5th AF Rescue to 713 (1944Z) – Charley #1 search area has no a/c assigned?  (see 0530 for) Charley #2 search area to a/c 50988 – 4245N/13120E, 4150N/13200E. Charley #3 search area to DUMBO 01 – south of 4150N.  Charley #4 search area to DUMBO 02 – entire area (ETA onsta at 2245Z) – original area.  Charley #5 search area okey (sic).  Charley #6 search area okey (sic). Charley #7 search area to 963 (ETA at approx 2400Z).  SE line pos between 41N/131E & 4245N/13130E. When DUSTY 04 arrives on scene, 08 will move to cover area 4026N to 4035N by 132-133E.  Altitude of aircraft between 400-700 ft, max 700 ft.
-0525       R.I. to 713 (2006Z).  RI request area searched by a/c since 161900Z and effect of search.
-0527       5th AF Res to 713 – 50 % of assigned area covered, 60% effective.
-0530       5th AF to 713 Charley #2 area 4145N/13130E.
-0550       5th AF to 713 (2028Z) Request hourly update of weather & any significant changes.  Also request hourly update of aircraft in each area.
-0552       DUSTY 08 relieved and departed area for Iwakuni.
-0553       965 airborne from Tachikawa at 2040Z, also DUMBO 03.
-0658       RICHARD INDIA to TENNANT (2156z),  DUMBO 01 spotted objects in water.  R.I. requesting permission to send someone to investigate.
-0702       (2138Z) DUMBO 02 returning to base – Tachikawa – with engine secured.
-0715       Restrictions on search area – remain east of 131E and south of 4150N. Restrictions apply to aircraft and surface ships.
-0745       Properly relieved by LTjg Richard L. Haver.  /s/ George L. Morningstar, LTjg USNR
-0745       Assumed the duty of APDO.   /s/ Richard L. Haver (30), LTJG USNR
-0735       Late entry  Coor for search  C-2 4130N/13130E to 13200E Alt 700 ft.  C-3  DUMBO 01 4130N/13200E + 4220N/13230E Alt 580 ft.  C-4 DUMBO 02 4100n/13200E 4130N/13230E Alt 700 C-5 DUMBO 03 4100N/13130E 4130N/13200E Alt 500 ft.  C-6 DUSTY 04 4100N/13030E, 4130N/13045E, 4130N/13100E, 4100N/13100E   C-7  ? 4130N/13045E, 4200N/13100E, 4200N/13130E, 4130N/13130E.
-0750       DUMBO 05 airborne est SAR area 0100Z  1000I
-0800       DUMBO 04 airborne est SAR sta 0100Z 1000I
-0818       CORN FLOWER investigating debris spotted by 713.  Ragged ovc base 250-300 ft. Vis approx 1¼ to 2 miles oc. light rain
-0820       All aircraft from Fuchu to climb above weather and hold.
-0820       DUMBO 02 left area due to engine feather.
-0836       DUSTY 04 is still in area weather is unlimited.  He is left (west) of front.
-0846       TENANT req position all ships.  BOLLO SONG 4135N/13200E, WILLOW 4127N/13142E, CORN FLOWER 4148N/13231E
-0846       From 965 988 is RTB 0000Z, doppler EADI problems.
-0846       From Fuchu You no longer have JOLLY GREEN.
-0944       From 988 RTB to OSAN.
-0909       965 reports ops normal.
-0911       From Fuchu, search areas C1, C-2, C-3, C-7, C-6.
C-1         4200N/13113E + 4200N/13130E + 4210N/13130E
C-2         4130N/13130E + 4130N/13200E + 4210N/13200E + 4210N/13130E
C-3         4130N/13200E + 4130N/13230E + 4210N/13230E + 4210N/13200E
C-7         4200N/13115E + 4130N/13058E + 4130N/13130E + 4200N/13130E
C-6         4130N/13058E + 4100N/13043E + 4100N/13130E + 4130N/13130E
-0915       From 965 read back  Reason for change is minimum distance to coast as 30 miles
-0915       From Richard India, inquired if this applied to surface units.  Fuchu answered correct.
-0929       965 has shattered window.  Descending to FL100 and on oxygen.  Informed Fuchu will remain onsta.
-0954       BOLLO SONG at 4113N/13139E.  Working with DUMBO 03.
-1009       BOLLO SONG sighted something.  Working on it.
-1016       Weather clear in west & socked in to the east.
-1020       965 reported vis increasing to approx. 2 mi.  VOLO SONG has picked up wreckage, looks like a/c insullation (sic).
-1024       963 airborne
-1049       Fuchu told all aircraft to disregard any previous recall message.
-1049       DUMBO 03 in area 05 presently investigating an oil slick with VOLO SONG.  969 reported a small fast boat outside C-1 area, small boat was N.W.  A/C was on a heading of 055 degrees and boat was at his 9 o’clock position.
-1113       Ships positions reported as follows:
VOLO SONG                    4119N/13134E
WILLOW                         4120N/13120E
CORN FLOWER              4146N/13205E
SEA POWER                    4121N/13339E
-1119       RICHARD INDIA reported that VOLO SONG is in vestigation (sic) the oil slick that DUMBO 03 sighted.
-1122       965 reported sighting at 1105 a small vessel believed to be Russian heading 4111N 13213E (sic)
-1122       965 reported Russian vessel heading 195 degrees
-1156       965 reported the following concentrations of wreckage:  southern half C-2, northwestern quad C-4, northern half C-5, and southwestern quad of C-3. Also indicated major portion in NW quad C-4 and SW quad C-3.
-1156       RICHARD INDIA reported NE corner of C-6 is where most of the parts were picked up yesterday.  965 said all a/c report ops normal.
-1213       RICHARD INDIA reported the following ship positions:
CORNFLOWER   4151.5N/13122.3E
VOLO SONG       4132.1N/13128.2E
WILLOW            4120.4N/13125.4E
SEA POWER       4123.3N/13302.8E
-1219       RICHARD INDIA reports that debris has drifted NNE and has broken up.
-1224       DUMBO 06 airborne est area at 0525Z (1425I)
-1235       DUSTY 03 airborne est area at 0435Z (1335I)
-1317       The following vessel positions were reported:
CORNFLOWER   4147N/13151.9E
VOLO SONG        4130.6N/13128.2E
WILLOW             4128.6N/13134.8E
SEA POWER        4123N/13233.8E
-1336       Area C-3 needed re-searching and it was reported that DUSTY 03 will be performing this.
-1407       969 is searching C-7 area due to no one being allowed in the C-1 area, he is searching the southern part of C-7.
-1425       DUMBO 06 to C-5 area.  C-1 is open sending 969 into C-1
-1508       PR-1 airborne.
-1516       Position report on following ships:
CORN FLOWER  4133.1N/13133.4E
WILLOW              4123.2N/13158.9E
VOLO SONG         4146.7N/13152.2E
SEA POWER         4130.5N/13143.5E
WILLOW reported “Russian destroyer does not answer flashing light.”
-1526       971 established contact at 1514 with a Russian destroyer number 429 closing with USS 875 7 mi. Closing slowly and in contact on 243.0 MC.  5th AF directed 2 ships search 4130N 13118E in  a 10 mi radius circle.
-1534       WILLOW sending small boat to Russian destroyer.
-1536       RICHARD INDIA sending CORNFLOWER and SEA POWER to 4130N 13118E to conduct search.
-1560       (time sic) WILLOW had boat in the water.
-1556       5th AF told by 971   C-4, C-6, C-7 100 % coverage.  C-3 no coverage due to weather.  C-4 assigned to DUSTY 03.  C-1 no search.  969 assisting CORN FLOWER in C-6.
-1558       WILLOW boat alongside Soviet DD exchanging parts (31).  RICHARD INDIA directed WILLOW to upon completion thank 429 for services and rejoin VOLO SONG.  Fuchu orders 967 contact WILLOW and search 4130N 13118E
-1600       RICHARD INDIA reports CORNFLOWER approx 9 miles from 4130N 13118E.  He is picking up debris and SEA POWER is 35 miles out, proceeding at 26 knots.
-1611       RICHARD INDIA reported debris is mostly fibre-glass and insulation.
-1611       Following ships positions were reported:
SEA POWER                    4141N/13139E
CORNFLOWER               4146N/13130E
VOLO SONG                    4150N/13153E
WILLOW                         4150N/13203E
-1626       WILLOW reported that the following items had been received from the Soviet DD:
-1626       12 items of debris (continued from previous page) (32)
1 life raft
3 jackets (flying)
2 seats
2 flying suits
1 seat cover
1 parachute
4 shoes
2 underwear
1 vacuum flask
1 bag
2 pencils
1 radio dropped to the [DD] yesterday (17 Apr 1969)
-1640       WILLOW reports raft a 20 man type same as recovered yesterday.  1 white suitcase with name John A Miller CTSN on it.  Bag securely wrapped will open for further identification (Note: all previous items were ones recovd(sic) by Soviets and transferred(sic) to WILLOW.
-1704       WILLOW reports bag contained civilian clothing, no further info.  Flight jackets had no names.  Flying suits appear to be brand new exposure suits.
-1704       971 reports C-2 coverage 90 % effective.
-1715       RICHARD INDIA surface unit report:
WILLOW                4145N/13141E
VOLO SONG           4145N/13141E
SEA POWER           4145N/13141E
CORN FLOWER     4133N/13126.6E
-1719       Message to RICHARD INDIA and 971 – AF 974 will be taking your place in 3 or 4 hours.  Will be assigned the Navy with flare drops.
-1732       From 971, 963 completed search of C-5 .
From RESCUE to RICHARD INDIA “Suspend operations at 0940Z”
-1739       From RICHARD INDIA to RESCUE, “Request clarify suspend ops.”
-1739       From RESCUE to RICHARD INDIA, COM 5th AF SAR is authority for SAR operations.
-1739       (contd) It appears there is no hope for survivors so SAR operations will be suspended at time designated (0940Z)
-1747       RICHARD INDIA reports all a/c are ops normal.
-1815       974 will become on scene comm.  971 and DUSTY 03 will remain.
-1815       RICHARD INDIA made following ship position report:
SEA POWER          4147N/13137E
VOLO SONG          4147N/13137E
CORN FLOWER    4132N/13121E
WILLOW               4132N/13121E
-1818       RESCUE to RICHARD INDIA  Ops will be suspended at 0940Z.  We will remain to assist you in any way.
-1901       TENANT asked RICHARD INDIA “How many 20 man life rafts have been recovered?”  Report was 1 by Soviets 1 by RICHARD INDIA, total 2.
-1914       974 airborne est in area (1214Z) 2114I.
-1956       Properly relieved [by] W. H. Tate, LTJG USN  /s/ Richard L. Haver, LTJG USNR
-2241       974 to TENANT ALPHA freq 7945, BRAVO freq 8980.
-2336       PR-1 on deck.   /s/ William H. Tate  LTJG USN

Saturday, 19 April 1969

-0234       “DUSTY MOM. 03 2030Z on station.  Air Force Rescue secured for night.” (TENANT to RICHARD INDIA)  DUSTY MOM. 08 presently on station.
-0617       PR 23 off deck
-0800       Properly relieved by LTJG L. W. Stevens  /s/ William H. Tate, LTJG USN
-0800       Assumed the duties of APDO.
-1415       PR 08 on deck
-1434       Osan to TENNANT via DEAD EYE: 7945 “Have new bogey – Track (unreadable) WJML 3058 Alt 8000 Cus 176 deg Speed 350 time 0531Z.”
-1436       Osan to TENNANT:  “New bogey – Track 116 WJNM 1545 Cus 318 degrees Speed 350 Alt 11,000.”
-1442       Osan to TENNANT: “New bogey – Track 120 WJNM 1505 Alt 20,000. Appears port orbit.”
-1455       TENNANT to Osan:  “Do you have a move on Track 120?” Osan to TENNANT: “Roger, Track 120 WJPJ 2058 Cus 000 deg.  All bogies fading north.”
-1459       Osan to TENNANT: “New bogey Track 130 WJML 2050 Alt 5000 Cus 188 degrees Speed 300 composition 2554”
-1502       Osan to DEADEYE: “New bogey Track 130 JWMM 4020 Cus 000 degrees Speed
350”  “New bogey Track 134 JWMZ 3040 Cus 180 deg, Speed 320  Alt 5000 Time 54.”
-1508       Osan to DEADEYE:  “New bogey track 124 WJNN 0545 Cus 040 deg, Speed 250, Time 07”
-1512       PR-00 on deck.
-1519       Osan to DEADEYE:  “Concerning my Track 134 JWNN 0505 heading 011 deg, Speed 250, alt 5000, Time18”
-1606       Osan to TENNANT/DEADEYE: “Bogey Track 231 WJLE 3045 Medium Alt, heading 196 deg, speed 144.”
-1725       PANTHER to ALKALI (freq. 7615)  “1700I position JXOK/WWGT.”
-1727       CLIMAX to ALKALI:  “JXFQ WWLPJ (missed) TAHD OHFR”
-1730       Previous transmissions believed to be posit/track/speed.
-1800       CLIMAX, GREY EAGLE, PANTHER, JUDO, FORTIFY making hourly position reports.
-1945       Properly relieved by LTJG Friesz (33)   /s/ L.W. Stevens LTJG USN
-1946       Assumed duties of APDO.
-2146       RESCUE 967 relayed following message to RESCUE Control: Pass to Capt. Mylar Have color film and movies of things we had today. (on 7945 KC).

Sunday, 20 April 1969

-0410       Monitored following message on 7945 kc: Unidentified surface craft spotted by search aircraft (call sign unreadable).  Tracer flashes caused aircraft to withdraw.
-0415       AIR FORCE 30174 confirmed that surface craft had fired on them at posit WJMM 3600
-0524       Surface craft identified as a merchant, possibly Russian.
-0755       Properly relieved by LTJG Hill  /s/ D.R. Friesz, LTjg USNR
-0755       Assumed the duties of APDO
-0800       Late entry – SAR effort resumed with 50 mile limit 2215Z.
-0803       AF RESCUE 965 reports altitude 5000, bingo time 0515Z.
-0817       AF 50695 – 5th AF Rescue via TENNANT requesting RTB this time, monitoring 7945 KHz for further instructions.
-0826       AF 965 – 5th AF Rescue requests 965 head to 3830N/13300E and loiter in area. Request loiter time when in area.
-0831       VOLLO SONG passed to DEAD EYE that 03 and 04 are on station this time.
-0842       Bogie track 032 WJMN 1005 heading 174 deg, 360K, 20,000 ft time 40.
-0849       Bogie track 032 WJMN 0825 hdg. 186 deg, 400K, 23,000 ft time 49.
-0855       AF 50965 on station 2350Z, Bingo 0545.  5th AF RESCUE states that chance of finding debris or survivors has become almost nil.  965 is to remain in area to provide early warning for CAP.  SAR will no longer be necessary.
-0905       Bogie track 032 WJMK 5458 heading east.
-0912       Bogie track 032 reported as friendly, please check.
-0914       VOLLO SONG passed to DEAD EYE Bogie track 032 WJNL 3703  Hdg 050, 445K Angels 20 time 12.  DEAD EYE reports 2 F-102’s scrambled from Japan and two unreadable a/c type from unreadable.
-0931       VOLLO SONG reported to DEAD EYE that he holds Track 135 MM1630 Hdg 185  deg., 290K, Angels 1, 2 a/c.
-0936       DEAD EYE tells VOLLO SONG Track 035  MM 3920, Hdg 098 deg, 260K,
-0937       RICHARD INDIA position 4109N/13112E.
-0938       Track 032  ML4431, Hdg. 058 deg., 400K, angels 23.
-0943       VOLLO SONG informs DEAD EYE Track 035 identified as two jet a/c, have the number 4 on tail.
-0943       Side number 1883504
-0954       VOLLO SONG tells DEAD EYE:  CAMAY 05 and 06 on station under his (VOLLO SONG) control.
-0955       VOLLO SONG – Side number of second a/c track 035 is 1883506
-0957       VOLLO SONG – Track 035 LL 5450, Hdg 050, 310K, Angels 1000 time 55; Track 032 ML 1444, Hdg 268 deg, 350K, Angels 23, time 55.
-1007       DEAD EYE reports to VOLLO SONG that Track 035 is at LL 5408, Alt 1000, turning, time 05; Track 032 is at NL 4041, Hdg 075 deg, 400K, time 05.
-1012       DEAD EYE to VOLLO SONG – Track 035 fade time 06.
-1017       VOLLO SONG reports Track 032 is at ML 4948, Hdg 268, 390K.
-1030       VOLLO SONG reports to DEAD EYE that CAMAY 05 and 06 are RTB.
-1039       Track 032 now NM 3002, Hdg 055 deg, 344K
-1046       Track 035 is now Track 310, reported at ML 0730, hdg. 037, 255K.
-1054       Track 310 MM 2010, Hdg. 356 deg, 320K
-1055       Track 032 ML 1035, Hdg. 120 deg., 440K
-1104       Track 310 MM 4515, hdg. 084, 160K; Track 032 is NL 3846, Hdg. 081, 440K.
-1120       5th AF RESCUE informs AF 965 to remain in area until 0500Z, then TB Tachikawa.
-1121       VOLLO SONG informs DEAD EYE that Track 032 is now ML 5137, hdg. 080, 390K, Angels 28, time 19,  Scrub Track 310 at this time.
-1128       VOLLO SONG reports to DEAD EYE that Track 032 is NM 2213, Hdg 005, 310K, Angels 28, time 27.
-1137       OFFSIDE to VOLLO SONG – Fuchu Rescue advises that they will recover their a/c at 0600Z.  Request if 7945 KHz will be in use after this time.
-1142       VOLLO SONG will not stay up 7945 after 0600Z.
-1143       VOLLO SONG to DEAD EYE – Track 032 faded: last position NN 1808, time 40.
-1452       AF 965 leaving 7945 KHz.
-1455       TENNANT securing from 7945 KHz.
-1700       Properly relieved by LTJG L. H. Stoddard USNR  /s/ Richard A. Hill, LTJG USNR
-1701       Assumed the duties of APDO.
-1811       CORN FLOWER – VOLLO SONG, relay from DEAD EYE, only monitor other primary frequency.
-2000       Properly relieved by LTJG L.J. Stanfel, USNR
-2001       Assumed the duties of APDO.

Foot Notes:

(1) Aeronautical officer, but not a pilot or NFO
(2) Exactly who was SEVAL is uncertain.  LT Dzema was the senior backend officer.
(3) LDO, Avionics
(4) Many junior NSG officers were 110x pre-DOPMA
(5) Misspelled throughout most of this log as BOLLO SONG, or VOLLO SONG
(6) As was standard practice at the time, most of the entries in this log were printed in all capital letters.  I have transcribed the log using both upper and lower case.
(7) Air Plot Duty Officer
(8) This was followed by an upward point arrow, indicating the hot line was working.
(9)  Secure comms refers to the teletype circuit manned by CTO2 Tesmer.  This circuit was a simplex point-to-point with the NSG spaces at Kamiseya.
(10) Signature is not clear, but believe this was Rowland Allan Hyde
(11) Carl Criss Mayfield, III
(12) Most likely as they exited Japan over Niigata.
(13) OPSCOMM (for Operational Communications) were informal teletype “chatter circuits” used for coordination between SIGINT sites, and occasionally for back channel record communications.
(14) This was to avoid interference at the radiotelephone position.  Although the R/T positions collected VHF signals and the secure comm operated in HF, the proximity of the HF transmitter splashed all over the entire spectrum.  The only way to avoid this was to temporarily abate HF transmissions.
(15) Most likely this was the USAF Security Service (USAFSS) site at Osan (USA-31).
(16) This would have been sent from the secure communications station (manned by CTO2 Tesmer) to the comm center at Kamiseya.
(17) PARPRO rules specified that when turning at the end of track, any turn would always be made away from the land mass to avoid any appearance of hostile intent.
(18) The CRITIC was sent from USA-31 at Osan.
(19) 314th Air Division
(20) LT David Lynn Herrington, 1635, USNR.   Remained on active duty and later served as Assistant DAO in Moscow.
(21) Most likely CDR William Herbert Loeffler, 1310
(22) A SIGINT Alert is an increased readiness posture which can focus attention on specific targets of interest.
(23) JRC in this log is Joint Rescue Center (instead of Joint Reconnaissance Center). Later called the JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Center).
(24) William V. Patterson (aka “Pooch”)
(25) Most likely these should read ‘DUMBO’.
(26) Order to get underway came from COMSEVENTHFLT at 151700 local.  Tucker was cold iron and needed three hours to light up, Dale had equipment under repair at SRF Sasebo. Both ships were berthed there at Pier 6.  Dale was able to get underway quicker than the 10-12 hours originally anticipated.  Tucker got underway at 2008, Dale at 2105, both times local.  Dale caught up in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but then detached to embark a helo, therefore arriving after Tucker.  Tucker arrived on station at 1939I.
(27) These were the bodies of LTjg Ribar and AT1 Sweeney, the only bodies recovered.  In addition, personal effects of CT3 Philip D. Sundby and ADR1 B.F. Conners were recovered.   Bodies were brought aboard, wrapped in mattress covers, and stored in the ship’s butter and egg locker, which had been pressed into service as a morgue.
(28) LT George Lee Morningstar, killed in crash of PR-26 at Da Nang
(29) MCAS Iwakuni
(30) After leaving VQ-1 Richard Haver became a Special Assistant for Intelligence, OSD
(31)  According to USS Tucker on-line history, this was the first peaceful rendezvous of Soviet and American Navy ships in 25 years.  The Soviet ship was the Vdokhnovenny, at that time assigned number 429.  The Soviets routinely changed these numbers in an attempt to confuse our intelligence community.
(32) Ed note – this line was at the top of a new logbook page
(33) LTjg David Raymond Friesz

Source: LCDR Robert E. Morrison, USN (ret.)