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March 2018

NCDOC Alumnus Receives Technology Award

Ensign Darren Espree, a former member of the Media and Malware Analysis team at Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC), was recently honored with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Technology Innovation Award at the Double Tree Hotel. Continue reading “NCDOC Alumnus Receives Technology Award”

Remembering ATN2 Richard H. Kincaid, KIA, EC-121 Shootdown (Guest Post)

The following post is by Charles Kincaid, brother of ATN2 Richard Kincaid:
Continue reading “Remembering ATN2 Richard H. Kincaid, KIA, EC-121 Shootdown (Guest Post)”

The SECOND Raid on Pearl Harbor – Operation K

Everyone knows about the First Pearl Harbor Attack by the Japanese Imperial Navy. But few are aware of the second Raid that the Japanese launched on Pearl Harbor.

Continue reading “The SECOND Raid on Pearl Harbor – Operation K”

Honoring FORCM (SW/AW) Michael J. Oldknow

Master Chief Michael J. Oldknow was the 11th and last Force Master Chief for the Naval Security Group.  His biography follows:

Continue reading “Honoring FORCM (SW/AW) Michael J. Oldknow”

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