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March 2018

March 15, 1946, CREAM replaced ULTRA

March 15, 1946, CREAM replaced ULTRA as the codeword for top secret cryptanalytic material.
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I read LCDR Haag’s post regarding consequences of large amalgamated commands and subsequent diminished command opportunities with both agreement and concern.  Agreement, because I remember not long ago that possible duty stations spanned the globe in more and smaller commands, presenting myriad possibilities for adventure and advancement.  I was fortunate enough to be stationed aboard one of these, NSGA Menwith Hill, before she decommissioned.  I remember also the stories my respected seniors would tell of days at Sabana Seca, Athens, or any of the other gone but not forgotten locations memorialized by Station HYPO.  I read with concern, however, because while I agree that our community can better advance professional development of our senior most junior Officers, large commands already offer tremendous opportunity to Department Heads to tackle the challenges noted by the LCDR.


Honoring FORCM Robert H. Anderson, III

Chief Robert Anderson’ s biography follows:
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Communications Security Group Established!

Did you know on March 11, 1935 the Navy cryptologic organization redesignated OP-20-G as Communications Security Group? Continue reading “Communications Security Group Established!”

Junior Officers Need Opportunities to Command, by LCDR Ryan Haag (Guest Post)

Small commands and detachments like Navy Information Operations Detachment (NIOD) Groton are becoming increasingly rare in the cryptologic community. Continue reading “Junior Officers Need Opportunities to Command, by LCDR Ryan Haag (Guest Post)”

NCDOC Alumnus Receives Technology Award

Ensign Darren Espree, a former member of the Media and Malware Analysis team at Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC), was recently honored with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Technology Innovation Award at the Double Tree Hotel. Continue reading “NCDOC Alumnus Receives Technology Award”

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