We’ve come a long way in 14 years!

WASHINGTON (NNS) — In yet another force-shaping move, the Navy announced the establishment of the Cryptologic Technician Networks (CTN) rating in February. It is the first new rating of the 21st century.

The new rating, which became effective Feb. 6, [2004] is designed to further develop a skilled work force to meet fleet requirements in computer network defense and other computer network operations. It also supports the Chief of Naval Operations’ guidance to transform information operations.

“This rating will be based on 21st century computer skills. It is just one more of many force-shaping initiatives the Navy is pursuing,” said Cmdr. Mike Bryce, Cryptologic Technician community manager. “More importantly, this one will better give the Navy the ability to defend and exploit computer network systems.”

That mission area is currently being performed by the Cryptologic Technician (Communications), Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance) and Cryptologic Technician (Administration) ratings. As Sailors convert over time to CTN, these legacy ratings will be collapsed and disestablished.

“Creation of the CTN rating is a positive move toward consolidation of CT skills,” said Chief of Naval Personnel, Vice Adm. Gerry Hoewing. “Establishment of a single rating is the most effective and efficient way to engage the types of information technology and computer network threats we face in this new century.”

Initial conversion to the CTN rating will be limited to personnel already designated as Cryptologic Technicians. Ultimately, all eligible Sailors will be able to apply for conversion.