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January 2018

Remembering RADM Richard D. Zern, 21st Commander to Lead the Cryptologic Community

RADM Richard D. Zern lead the Navy Security Group from February 29, 1952 to April 1, 1952.  His biography follows: Continue reading “Remembering RADM Richard D. Zern, 21st Commander to Lead the Cryptologic Community”

Today Marks Two Years Since the IW Community was Established!

So how are we doing?

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NSGA Adak, Alaska Decommissioned, January 31, 1996

In July 1995, Naval Security Group activity (NSGA) Adak was slated for closure under the Base Realignment and Closure Act and deactivated on January 31, 1996. At the time of deactivation approximately 500 military and 50 civilian personnel were on the island. Officially, the military mission ended on March 31, 1997, and the station closed.
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Tactical Radio Intelligence

Picture this: It is an international crisis.  In response to an unprovoked attack on American citizens and property by foreign revolutionaries, American troops have been dispatched into another country to hunt them down.

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