LT Robert F. Taylor was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 27, 1938, and graduated from DePaul University in 1963.
After receiving his commission through the United States Naval Officer Candidate School program in New Port Rhode Island, he served at U.S Naval Radio Station Thurso, Scotland and on board the USS CAMP (DE 251) in the Caribbean.  Following his sea tour he attended a 47 week Russian Basic Course at the Defense Language Institute, West Coast Branch, and graduated in March 1965.

In June 1965 LT Robert Taylor was assigned to the U.S Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Kamiseya, Japan, where he distinguished himself as a highly motivated and dedicated Naval officer.  For the next nine months, he flew 250 hours as an airborne evaluator in direct combat support mission from Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam, for which he was awarded the Air Medal.

On April 15, 1969, he flew on an operational mission on an EC-121M from Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One (VQ-1), while the aircraft was over international waters off the coast of Korea, two North Korean MIG-21s attacked and shot down the aircraft.

LT Robert F. Taylor perished along with thirty other Navy officers and men from VQ-1 and NSGA Kamiseya.

Today, LT Robert Taylor and his family would have celebrated his been 79 birthday.

May we never forget!