On October 1, 2003, the Navy merged the electronic warfare technician (EW) the cryptologic technician – technical (CTT) ratings.

Effecting approximately 3,000 technicians, this merger was designed to leverage the two ratings, while “streamlining the collection and processing training pipeline.”

The following is taking from an October 17, 2003 Naval Personnel Development Command Public Affairs Release:

“This merger will create efficiencies in delivering training and reductions in cost to train,” said Commander Naval Education and Training Command Vice Adm. Alfred G. Harms, Jr. “This will also enable us to cross utilize our Sailors whose job it is to provide threat recognition and electronic countermeasures.”

“This was a smart step to take,” said Master Chief Cryptologic Technician (Technical) (SW/AW) Benjamin Key, Center for Naval Cryptology 5 Vector Model manager and a former EW. “We basically do the same job. With this merger we will have more career opportunities. Before our options were sea duty or shore duty as an instructor. Now with the right schooling we can be assigned to subs or become part of an aircrew.”


What have we done (or doing) to make this merger work?