On December 3, 1979, terrorists attacked unarmed sailors en route to a day watch at Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Sabana Seca Puerto Rico.
RM3 Emil White, seated behind the bus driver, CTO1 Ball was one of many other sailors on the bus.  Both were killed by gunfire when the bus was blocked by a van and a pickup truck driven by terrorists.  Many other sailors onboard were injured.

Below are those on the bus:

RM3 Cottie Allen (wounded)
CTO1 John Ball (killed)
CTRSN Allen Bush (wounded)
CTRSN Brad Clark (wounded)
CTT2 Cindy Edwards (wounded)
CTM3 Joe Key (wounded)
CTRSN Clifton Looney
CTM2 Robert Minnick
RM3 Drusilla Penderghest
CTRSA Monique Ritter (wounded)
CTOSN Rich Sauter (wounded)
CTO3 Sandy Seaton (wounded)
CTRC Warren C. Smith (wounded)
CTTSN Ken Toman
RM3 Emil White (killed)
RM3 Debra Whitehurst (wounded)
CTM3 Gil Zuback