From CAPT Jim Butler, USN, Cryptologic Warfare Community Lead, N9CW, Naval Information Force Reserve:

There are major changes coming to the Cryptologic Officer and Information Warfare Officer PQS Programs for the Cryptologic Units (NIOC, FCC/C10F, CWGs, etc.) coming.

Reserve Unit COs will soon be able to run their own CW and IW PQS qualification boards and will have final signature authority on the qualifications (prior to forwarding up the CNIFR chain).

These changes have been a year in the works with Tony Ochoa, CNIFR N7 and crew pushing this across the finish line.  After N7 coordination with NAVIFOR, RDML MacDonnell has personally taken the proposed changes to VADM Kohler, NAVIFOR and VADM Tighe, N2/N6 and obtained their approvals.  The COMNAVIFORES Instruction 1412.2 revision is near final signature with Commander, Naval Information Force Reserve and should be out very soon.  This brings the CW Community in line with the rest of the IWC’s processes and procedures.

You can and should participate in the Active Duty training programs.  Funding will still be available for the extensive CW training required at the supported Commands (Major NIOCs).  When you hold your CW and IW boards, you will be required to have a CW/IW qualified Active Duty Officer from your supported Command participating on the board.  The revised instructions will have more details and by all means ask questions or seek guidance from the Region Training Officers, Regional Commanders, CNIFR N7, Supported Command and/or your CW Community Lead (myself or the next one off APPLY).

Some Words of Advice:  VADM Tighe, VADM Kohler, and RDML MacDonnell (soon to be RADM) have placed their faith in the current and future Cryptologic Warfare Commanding Officers to run a tight, rigorous, and administratively inspection-ready program.  Unlike the Fleet Navy, we have only been running these warfare qualification programs for about five years.  You need to ensure your Training Officers are well trained; know how to run a PQS program; document progress; follow instructions and procedures; maintain inspection-ready files; ensure the PQS books are legibly signed by qualified Officers; and follow through until the qualifications are reflected in the OSR.  Guidance remains posted on the CNIFR N7 website, additionally I have uploaded the “Navy’s PQS Unit Coordinators Guide 43100-1M” to the CW Lead website under the “Documents” tab at .

If something is unclear or need some advice, please reach out and we’ll document the additional guidance.  Please socialize this with your supported Command COs and Staff.  The revised instructions will be out soon.

Note: I’ve sent this to all Reserve CWs who have valid emails to prevent ‘reply-all’.  Feel free to email Tony Ochoa and thank him for his hard work.

Thank you for all you do and keep on charging.