Several months after of the disestablishment of the CTM rate, a decision was made to reestablished it. That decision was made eight years ago today.

Sent: Wed Aug 13 18:38:24 2008

All, request widest dissemination,

Yesterday afternoon I signed a letter to the Executive Secretary, Navy Enlisted Occupational Classification Board officially ending all action associated with disestablishing the CTM rating. I’ve attached the signed letter. The Secretary acknowledged receipt this morning.

The language in my letter is quite clear and I need you to be familiar with it so that you can discuss it with your Sailors. Simply stated, while the business model remains sound, it is not executable. This could not be determined without an in-depth, formally tasked review by all stakeholders. That is now complete.

A partial quote of the letter follows:
“To date, forty-three critical comments have been received from associated stakeholders and out of 19 voting members, only nine concurred outright. The primary area of concern is the state of Electronic Technician (ET) manning in the Fleet, which is particularly pronounced in the ET(SS) volunteer ranks. This issue is not correctable in the short term. The other major concern is the Navy’s continuing challenge with properly tracking and filling Q-coded billets in the YN and IT ratings following the merger with CTA and CTO. Without resolution, the same problem will likely occur in the assignment of ET’s to CT maintenance functions.”

Most importantly, that last line reads, “There is no intent to revisit disestablishment of CTM.”

No other rating construct can provide the level of system and maintenance readiness we need as we face the growing challenges in our Cyber, IO and SIGINT missions.

We need to move out. I have already initiated action to execute a long term sustainment plan for CTM. The primary objectives are delivering the finest maintenance professionals to the Fleet, and reestablishing a competitive and rewarding career path. Ongoing work includes validating our current training processes and curriculum, and an extensive billet review that balances sea and shore duty in a predictable manner. Our Sailors deserve a speedy resolution. I’ll keep you apprised and engaged as we quickly mature the plan. If you have any questions, bring them directly to me, my EA (CDR Dave Bondura), or LCDR Brian Harding in our N1 shop. I value your thoughts and ideas.