United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG) Det-12 Istanbul was a U.S. Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA), first established in October, 1952 and was in continuous operation until June 30, 1965 until it permanently closed.
The installation was located on a Turkish Naval base on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. The Det-12 installation consisted of two quonset huts located on the waterfront and the operations site, which was located on top of a 600 foot hill overlooking the northern entrance of the Bosphorus, into the Black Sea. The operations site on the hill consisted of a small operations building (4 or 5 rooms), an administrative building (one room) and a generator building. There was also an ancient castle located on the hill about 150 yards from the operations building.

06.30.1965 TUSLOG Det 12 Closed3
Operations building located near the fishing village of Anadolu Kavagi.  Photo from John A. Wyant, Jr.

One of the quonset huts on the lower part of the Turkish base was used as a private mess and officers’ quarters and the other hut was used as a barracks for the enlisted watch-standers. All personnel were required to belong to the private mess. Meals were charged according to the daily subsistence allowance and charges were collected monthly. Two Turkish cooks were employed by the mess to prepare the food. Meals were at times both interesting and unique.

06.30.1965 TUSLOG Det 12 Closed4
Operations building and the 13th century Genoese Castle.  Photo from Michael Golio, Jr.

There was no permanent billeting at the site for either officer or enlisted so all personnel lived in civilian housing on the local economy in either private homes or apartments in Istanbul.

The Kahan building, located near Taksim Square, was the TUSLOG headquarters in Istanbul. The building also housed the Post Exchange and small Commissary, a snack bar, the enlisted man club, the transient billeting and various other administrative offices for personnel assigned to the different TUSLOG commands located in the city and surrounding areas.

The Cover Designation

The TUSLOG, was a cover designation prescribed by the U.S. European Command (EUCOM). In accordance with the wishes of the Turkish Government, all U.S. military units and civilian components in Turkey were given designations as TUSLOG detachments. HQ TUSLOG was headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. TUSLOG Units were located in Spain, Libya, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. By 1994, all TUSLOG Units had been deactivated.

06.30.1965 TUSLOG Det 12 Closed6
Northward view of the Black Sea from Det 12 Operation site.  Elevation is 600 feet.  Circa June 1959.  Photo from Michael Golio, Jr.

Istanbul the City

Istanbul (formerly Byzantium and Constantinople) Turkey is the only city in the world that is located on two continents. The western part of the city is on the European side of the Bosphorus and the eastern part of the city is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

06.30.1965 TUSLOG Det 12 Closed5
View of Genoese castle and fog over Bosphorus.  Circa September 1959.  Photo from Michael Golio, Jr.

Throughout WWI, Istanbul was under blockade. After the conclusion of the armistice In 1918, it was placed under British, French and Italian occupation, which lasted until 1923. Istanbul was evacuated by the Allies on October 2, 1923, and Ankara was chosen as the new capital of Turkey on October 13, 1923. On October 29, 1923 the Turkish republic was proclaimed. Turkey remained neutral during WWII and suffered no damage. In 1955, Istanbul was the scene of severe anti-Greek riots related to the differences between Greece and Turkey over control of the island of Cyprus.

Source: navycthistory.com