March 30, 1943 – April 15, 1969

Burial location:
Barrancas National Cemetery, NAS Pensacola
Escambia County, Florida
Plot: MB, 0, 29

EC-121 aircraft took off from Atsugi NAS in Japan at 0700.  The crew expected to fly orbits near North Korean waters for about eight then land at Osan Air Base in South Korea.  Because of North Koreans claims of 12 miles of territorial waters, the EC-121 was to keep a wide margin and approach no closer than 50 miles to the North Korean coast.  Six and one half hours into the mission, two MIG-21s from North Korea veered toward the Sea of Japan and headed for the EC-121.  Within 15 minutes, the MIGs and the EC-121 intersected and shot the EC-121 down.  The attack was at approximately 80 miles from the North Korean coast.

Below are the names of the men were killed.
ADR2 Louis F Balderman, USN,
AT1 Stephen C Chartier, USN,
AT1 Bernie J Colgin, USN,
ADR1 Ballard F Connors, Jr, USN,
CT3 Gary R DuCharme, USN,
LT John N Dzema, USN,
LT Dennis B Gleason, USN,
ATN3 Gene K Graham, USN,
AEC LaVerne A Greiner, USN,
ATR2 Dennis J Horrigan, USN,
ATN2 Richard H Kincaid, USN,
SSGT Hugh M Lynch, USMC,
ADRC Marshall H McNamara, USN,
ATR2 Timothy H McNeil, USN,
CT3 John A Miller, USN,
LCDR James H Overstreet, USN (pilot),
LT Peter P Perrottey, USN,
CT1 John H Potts, USN,
AMS3 Richard T Prindle, USN,
CTC Frederick A. Randall, USN,
LTJG Joseph R Ribar, USN,
AT1 James Leroy Roach, USN,
LT John H Singer, USN,
CTC Richard E Smith, USN,
CT3 Philip D Sundby, USN,
AT1 Richard E Sweeney, USN,
LTJG Robert J Sykora, USN,
LT Robert F Taylor, USN,
CT2 Stephen J Tesmer, USN,
LTJG Norman E. Wilkerson, USN,
ATN3 David M Willis, USN.