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February 2017

Honoring CWO5 Michael E. Sill

CWO5 Michael E. Sill, the senior warrant officer in the Cryptologic Warfare Officer community, will be retiring after 33 years of naval service.  His bio follows: Continue reading “Honoring CWO5 Michael E. Sill”

Five Initiatives for the IWC


As we conclude Information Warfare Community Week, Station HYPO offers the following five initiatives for the IWC…

Continue reading “Five Initiatives for the IWC”

Recent Articles Related to the IWC


Station HYPO offers the following reading list of recent articles related to the IWC..

Continue reading “Recent Articles Related to the IWC”

Information Warfare at Sea

Image released by LCDR Dave Nunnally, PAO CVN 65.

Station HYPO is proud to host the following article written by LCDR Nathaniel Rightsell, an active duty Cryptologic Warfare Officer.

Continue reading “Information Warfare at Sea”

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