Station HYPO offers the following reading list of recent articles related to the IWC..

Twenty-First Century Information Warfare and the Third-Offset Strategy — James R. McGrath, CIMSEC

Navy Information Warfare – What is it? — Richard Mosier, CIMSEC

Masters or Jacks? — CDR Henry Stephenson, USNI

Enabling Distributed Lethality: The Role of Naval Cryptology — LCDR Chuck Hall and LCDR David Spalding, CIMSEC

Intelligence is Not Warfare! — CAPT William Bray, USN (ret), USNI

Tactical Information Warfare and Distributed Lethality — Richard Mosier, CIMSEC

Integrating cyber is a top priority, says Vice Adm. Mike Gilday — Amber Corrin, C4ISRNET

Q&A with Rear Adm. Danelle Barrett — CHIPS Magazine