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January 2017

Remembering the USS Pueblo (AGER 2)

Was there a connection between the capture of USS Pueblo and the convicted traitor John Walker?
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ADMIRAL IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Rear Admiral Sean Filipowski

Rear Admiral Sean Filipowski is a native of New Jersey.  The Navy legacy of the “Filipowski’s” goes back generations, with a history of enlisted Navy service.
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Recognizing Past OTRG Award Recipients

Celebrating On the Roof Gang Award recipients:
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FCC/C10F 2016 SOYs

f931f-c10fCongratulations to the FCC/C10F 2016 Sailors of the Year!

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Remembering LT Peter P. Perrottet, KIA April 15, 1969, EC-121 (Begger Shadow)

Lieutenant Perrottet was a member of the crew of an EC-121 surveillance aircraft, serving with the U.S. Navy. On April 15, 1969, while on a surveillance mission over the Sea of Japan in support of the Korean truce, his aircraft was shot down. All 31 crewmen were reported missing. He was presumed dead on May 2, 1969.
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Honoring RADM Isaiah Cole, 42nd Commander to Lead the Cryptologic Community

Rear Admiral Isaiah C. Cole was born on January, 15 1940.  A native of Chatham, Virginia, graduated from the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned in June 1961. Following flight training, he served as a Naval Flight Officer with Patrol Squadron Seventeen from 1963 to 1966.
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