Happy New Year! We made some resolutions one year ago today…

In our first post of 2016, we resolved to do the following:

“In 2016, Station HYPO resolves to:

  • Post quality content celebrating the past, present, and future of Naval Cryptology
  • Add enlisted representation to our team (help wanted!)
  • Encourage productive, two-way dialogue on issues that matter to our community
  • Create a venue that encourages community leadership, both Officer and Enlisted, to participate in the conversation
  • Provide a platform for sharing ideas that will drive the future development of Naval Cryptology
  • Continue to grow our audience
  • Inspire others, in and out of the community, to write”

So, how’d we do?

We want your feedback so we can continue to grow and improve Station HYPO to meet the community’s needs.

Leave your comments here or send us a PM.

Thanks for your readership!


The Team at Station HYPO