One of many Coast Guard intercept stations was located at Fort Funston, San Francisco. Operators at this station included Jim Gast and Marvin E. Carr, both RM3/c that were previously taught Japanese Kata Kana by Jim Gast’s brother CRM Aaron Gast.

The station used ordinary typewriters until late 1942, when they were issued RIP 5 typewriters.  Later, operators were taught Kata Kana by Chief Ellwood, the Coast Guard CPO in Charge.  Ellwood was later promoted to officer status.  The station moved to Sweeney Ridge, on a hill behind the San Francisco Country Jail.  The station designator was “SR” and it operated as part of the West Coast intercept activities of the navy.  The station had three positions, one for regular Coast Guard traffic, one to guard 500 KHz and the third position was used to copy Japanese naval communications, mostly broadcasts.  Other targets included synoptic weather reports from the Russian station at Khabarovsk in Siberia.  The reports were used to provide weather information for the Doolittle raid on Japan.  The station also copied radio signals originating in the Philippine Islands.  These included radio transmission from Allied guerrilla’s in the Philippine Island sending to General MacArthur’s Headquarters in Australia.

Khabarovsk, Soviet Union

The intercept portion of the Sweeny Ridge station was closed on June 12, 1944 and Jim Gast, Marvin E. Carr, Tucker, Skarda, Fehr, Garner, Nelson and others were moved to the Fleet Radio Unit Pacific (FRUPAC) intercept station in Hawaii.  Other operators were sent to the HFDF station at Castroville, CA.  Shortly before this move, a number of teletype operators including Henry Irles, Kessel and others had been sent to FRUPAC.