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November 2016

The Future of IW at Sea (Guest Post)


Imagine this scenario: Two nations with limited navies fight in a littoral conflict using new weapons and tactics not yet tested in war.  The United States doesn’t predict the conflict and struggles to capture lessons learned. What year is it?

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Officer Who Broke Japanese War Codes Gets Belated Honor!


CAPT Joe Rochefort’s son Joseph Jr. and daughter Janet are awarded the Distinguished Service medal on behalf of their father by President Reagan in 1986.

Forty-three years after Joseph J. Rochefort broke the Japanese code that helped the United States win the Battle of Midway, the former naval officer is to be awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Continue reading “Officer Who Broke Japanese War Codes Gets Belated Honor!”

Commanding Officer Slate


Congratulations to our incoming Commanding Officers, who will be taking command over the next year.

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Remembering LCDR Kenneth Earl “Mike” Carmichael

LCDR Kenneth Earl “Mike” Carmichael, USN          November 11, 1913 – April 9, 1991

The man who brought Cryptologic training to Corry Field (Station), Pensacola, FL!

Kenneth Earl “Mike” Carmichael enlisted in the United States Navy in December 1932.  Following basic training, he attended radio school and was designated a Radioman.
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Remembering CT Ronnie Campbell, KIA, USS LIBERTY

                              November 4, 1942 – June 8 1967                                         Ronnie with his wife, Eileen and son Ricky

Eulogy by his daughter Deborah:
Who was Ronnie Campbell?
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Community News


A communique from PERS-408…

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