Congratulations to our incoming Commanding Officers, who will be taking command over the next year.

Major Command

CAPT Count will relieve CAPT Vernazza as CO, NIOC Georgia
CAPT Franklin will relieve CAPT Houff as CO, NIOC Texas
CAPT C. Slattery will relieve CAPT Finn as CO, NIOC Norfolk
CAPT J. Slattery will relieve CAPT Heritage as CO, NCDOC
CAPT Johnson will relieve CAPT Scheidt as CO, NIOC Maryland

CAPT Noles, CAPT Mole and CAPT Braswell will remain in the command bank for future slating.

Commander Command

CDR Smith will relieve CDR Eng as CO, IWTC Corry Station
CDR Herlands will relieve CDR Alexander as CO, NIOC Colorado
CDR Yates will relieve CDR Damsky as CO, NIOC Yokosuka
CDR Cadena will relieve CDR Zimmerman as CO, NIOC San Diego
CDR Barnes will relieve CAPT Corey as CO, Joint Targets Squadron
CDR Finke (1830) will stand up Cryptologic Warfare Activity 61
CDR Yusko will stand up Cyber Strike Activity 63
CDR Cegelske (1820) will stand up Cyber Defense Activity 64

CDR Harding, CDR Salazar and CDR Lawrence will remain in the command bank for future slating.



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