A communique from PERS-408…


CO’s, XO’s, CAPT’s/CDR’s and Leaders –

As promised, our first PERS-408 Communique.

I have been in the seat now for 90 days and continue to learn more about the detailing process while also being challenged every day with the dynamics that go with what our teams do.   Our #1 goal is ensuring we man the Fleet to be able to fight and win.  We will do that by getting the right Sailor, to the right job, with the right training, at the right time.  This will be done by being fair, firm and consistent in our detailing process. Not a cliché’ here in 408 as I work closely with the Rating Assignment Officer (RAO) to ensure we are meeting the Fleets demand signal.  No doubt in my mind that the IWC is the cream of the crop with an abundance of superstars that everybody wants, this only adds to our challenging jobs.

First – your Millington Enlisted IWC team continues to stay busy with detailing Sailors in addition to ensuring we are keeping up to date on the latest NAVADMINS and MILPERSMAN changes that affect the Fleet.  As you are aware, the Rating Modernization and Sailor 2025 are in full swing as well other N1 initiatives to improve how we currently operate as a Navy.

In this first addition I would like to provide a few Fleet updates as well as some common detailing items our team consistently sees.  Please feel free to share this with your Command Career Counselors, Wardrooms, and Chiefs Mess to get out to our Sailors.  If you or your team has questions please don’t hesitate to shoot us a note and we would be more than happy to answer and provide feedback.

Fleet News.

1.  SEA SHORE FLOW ENLISTED CAREER PATHS UPDATE.  (251901Z AUG 16)  This message updated 361/12 and changed B460-IT S/SF and B-550 CTT S/SF.

2.  HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR DGM.  This Distribution Guidance Memorandum (DGM) is for career Sailors who have a PRD after the first day of their child’s junior or senior year of high school and they would like to remain in their current location (duty station or geographic location) to allow for them to graduate.  NOTE:  Our detailers will look at these on a case by case basis and work with each Sailor, these are not automatically approved.

Detailing updates.

CMS-ID.  (NAVADMIN 226/12)  All Sailors may start selecting orders in CMS-ID at P-9, (9 months prior to PCS) and are able to make an application to any of the jobs being advertised during that month.  Recommend all Sailors review CMS-ID prior to your selection window and update your contact info. Once at P-6, (6 months before PCS) and a Sailor hasn’t either submitted an application or been selected for orders, that Sailor becomes Needs of the Navy and our team will detail them to “MUST FILL” requisitions.  Please ensure your Sailors are communicating with the respective detailers EARLY AND OFTEN if they need career guidance.  Although we detail and fill the billets advertised, our detailers remain the Sailors advocate to ensure continued career progression.

FOR LEADERSHIP and CAREER COUNSELORS.  Command comments.  After the cycle closes there are normally 2-3 days that commands can comment on Sailors applications.  We see >5% of the commands provide feedback on applications. If you know a Sailor is the top candidate for a certain job, comment.  That will only help the detailers make selections for high priority jobs that get 10-12 applications or even jobs that get only 2 or 3  applications.  Our goal is to select the best candidate for each billet while continuing to ensure upward mobility for all Sailors.

1306’s.  Team 408 receives a lot of requests for various extensions, PRD match, Fleet Reserve, etc.  Of note, most all 1306’s should be received AT LEAST 12 mos. prior to action requested.  If a Sailor is already in the CMS-ID window they are already counted as a roller with PERS-4013 and we CAN NOT extend or entertain special programs at that time.

SPOUSE CO-LOCATION REQUESTS.  (MPM 1300-1000)   We MUST receive these one-time requests, from both members, a minimum of 12 months prior IAW MPM. Sailors are detailed to the same geographical area whenever possible.  No job or specific billet is guaranteed.   Sailors will only need to submit spouse co-lo again if they want to OPT OUT of co-location. I.E. Spouse going to Japan and they are going to stay in Norfolk.   Co-lo with other services are challenging, I.E.  USMC to Navy or USAF to Navy.  These all depend on what billets are in that specific area.  Unless you are a Corpsmen, Camp Lejeune is next to impossible.

FLEET RESERVE REQUESTS.   As you can imagine, we receive many FRR.  Two Notes:  1. To retire in grade, ALL Sailors MUST serve 24 months TIG at the current paygrade to retire.  I.E. A Chief who just promoted to Senior Chief Jun of 2016 owes the Navy 24 mos., Jun 2018.   2.  Time on station, (TOS) All service members must meet the DoD Area tour requirement of 24 months CONUS and 36 months OCONUS prior to FRR approval.  (REF JFTR, Appendix Q) FYI:  Waivers are becoming harder to approve.

SITE VISITS.  Our team enjoys Fleet Engagement trips to get out and see IWC Sailors as well as provide education on the detailing process.  Our challenge is funding.  We are funded for very little travel here in PERS and most all of our travel coincides with NPC funded Fleet Engagement trips.  If your command has funding that you can allocate for a visit, please reach out and let us know.  A few commands have already reached out and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you all for what you do each day and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of our team if you have questions or we can be of assistance.

Have a great Navy day, keep pressing and always, FULL SPEED!

V/R –

LCDR Joey Harrison
Navy Personnel Command
IWC Enlisted Assignments
PERS-408 Branch Head