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September 2016

15 Years On…


A few days after the attacks on September 11th, I dug this photo out of storage…

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9/11 Perspective – The Candy Jar


(Author’s note: Each one of us has stories about how 9/11 affected them. This is one of mine. This post was originally published on on June 30, 2015. – Jason)

Sometimes inspiration comes when various experiences blend into one to create a new concept we had never thought of before. This is the story of why I consider candy jars the true test of leadership.

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Call for CNODP Applicants


Join the Computer Network Operations Development Program Class of 2020!

– CNODP open to well-qualified officers (O1-O3), enlisted (E4-E6), and Service Cryptologic Element (SCE) civilians (GG-7-GG-12).

– Applications due by 30 September 2016.

– Report date is April 2017.

– Start date is July 2017.

– Details in NAVADMIN 199/16, below.

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Remembering Naval Cryptologist POW During WWII


World War Two


“CT” – P.O.W.s

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Remembering CT2 Allen Merle Blue – KIA, USS LIBERTY June 8, 1967


Allen Merle Blue
September 5, 1943 – June 8, 1967

There could have been a light rain falling that morning, or the sun could have been waiting to burst on the scene. Such was the weather pattern in Yakima, Washington, and on the morning of September 5, 1943, there was no difference. A ray of sunlight was evident when Allen M. Blue was born and a new life began.  Continue reading “Remembering CT2 Allen Merle Blue – KIA, USS LIBERTY June 8, 1967”

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