A few days after the attacks on September 11th, I dug this photo out of storage…

It was taken in 1992, while sailing down the Hudson River on a honeymoon cruise.

I posted it prominently on my desk at NSGA Bahrain as we prepared to respond.

Ashore or afloat, from command to command, I posted it prominently in my work space.

On this 15th anniversary, it remains displayed on my desk at NIOC Colorado, a silent reminder.

Earlier in the week, as we prepared for our command remembrance ceremony, I asked the Chief-selects how many were on active duty on that fateful day.  One raised his hand.

It wasn’t an effort to shame them, or call attention to their youth.  I was honestly curious.

With each passing year, it becomes more and more important to remember.

Share your experiences.

Tell your stories.

Never forget.