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July 2016

Remembering CT1 John C. Smith, USN, KIA USS LIBERTY

John Caleb Smith 
July 13, 1943 — June 8, 1967
Jerry Smith recalls the day his brother John was killed aboard the USS Liberty in the eastern Mediterranean.  He says he’ll never forget June 8, 1967.

Continue reading “Remembering CT1 John C. Smith, USN, KIA USS LIBERTY”

FCC/C10F Change of Command

Cyber Mishaps

The team at NCDOC has released Cyber Mishap Report 02-16.

How will you leverage this report to ensure your unit is cybertight?  Continue reading “Cyber Mishaps”

NIOC Menwith Hill Disestablished, July 10, 2015

Royal Air Force (RAF) Menwith Hill is a 560 acre installation located in the Yorkshire Dales in England, United Kingdom (UK).  The installation is located approximately 8 miles northwest of Harrogate and 222 miles North of London. Continue reading “NIOC Menwith Hill Disestablished, July 10, 2015”

A simple thank you note…

…is often the best form of gratitude.

Received the above note today from Captain Mike Lambert, USN – Retired.

Mike was the single greatest inspiration for the creation of Station HYPO!

Check out his blog here.



How did it get so late so soon?

As I approach the halfway point of my current assignment, I am reminded how little time there is… Continue reading “How did it get so late so soon?”

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