ICYMI, Forbes recently release the top 2016 Cybersecurity reports.

The entire article is available here.  It includes links to individual reports by AT&T, CISCO, Dell, Google, and others.

I found the key takeaways, quoted below, to be incredibly interesting.

  • 458% increase in the number of times hackers searched Internet of Things connections for vulnerabilities
  • There’s a 221% increase in compromised WordPress sites
  • Malware attacks nearly doubled to 8.19 billion, with Android ecosystem being the prime target
  • Google notified Google Play developers about potential security issues, which led to better security for 100,000+ apps
  • The healthcare industry was the one most frequently attacked, speeding straight past financial services and manufacturing
  • Attacks on automobile systems will increase rapidly in 2016 due to the rapid increase in connected automobile hardware built without foundational security principles
  • Spear-phishing campaigns targeting employees increased 55% last year
  • 89% of all cyber attacks involve financial or espionage motivations       


What trends do you see that may apply to DOD?

How can we leverage this information to protect our networks?

Can we use similar data to better balance risk, vice seeking to simply protect all networks equally?