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June 2016

Remembering CTR1 (EXW) Michael J. Strange, USN, KIA

 CTR1 Michael J. Strange
U.S. Navy
June 6, 1986 – August 6, 2011
Cryptologic Technician (Collection) 1st Class (EXW) Michael J. Strange hailed from the historic city of Philadelphia. Many rightfully consider the city of Boston as the “cradle of liberty”, but it is also true that the city on the banks of the Schuylkill River played a critical role in securing the nation’s freedom. Today, the city of Philadelphia looks very different from the time when men like Franklin and Lafayette walked its streets, but despite the centuries that have passed, the city continues to produce patriots who are willing to defend the nation in times of peril.

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Reflections on the Battle of Midway from the PACFLT Basement (Guest Post)

Teammates Captain Joe Rochefort and Rear Admiral Eddie Layton
It is Midway season in Hawaii.
You would not know it from the weather. The pleasant warmth that marks our island remains unchanged from month to month…but each June, the various Information Warfare Commands on Oahu take lead in marking the anniversary of the battle. Over the span of a week, we have history talks, a gala on board USS MISSOURI, and, appropriately, a commemoration in the original Station HYPO spaces. The Dungeon remains a secure space to this day, if for different reasons, and getting to visit is a rare opportunity. At the U.S. Pacific Fleet (PACFLT), we will hold a ceremony in front of the headquarters building, gathering around the flag pole that once held Fleet Admiral Nimitz’s flag.  Continue reading “Reflections on the Battle of Midway from the PACFLT Basement (Guest Post)”

Path to Midway: "A Glorious Page in Our History"


“You who participated in the Battle of Midway today have written a glorious page in our history.  I am proud to be associated with you” — Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (June 4, 1942).

Having received confirmation that the last of Nagumo’s four carriers had been “last seen burning fiercely,” Nimitz radioed the above message to all of his task force commanders.  The prelude to this glorious page was written largely by the efforts of the officers and men of Station HYPO.  In the preceding weeks and months, Commander Joe Rochefort and his team in the dungeon had successfully navigated dangerous and uncertain waters on the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s path to Midway — but, it wasn’t easy. 

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Remembering SP4 James T. Davis, USA, KIA

 SP4 James T. Davis, USA, KIA
June 1, 1936 – December 22, 1961
One of the first Americans to be Killed In Action in Vietnam.  SP4 Davis was a direction finding (DF) operator. Continue reading “Remembering SP4 James T. Davis, USA, KIA”

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