ICYMI, the Navy has revealed a new plan to onboard Cyber talent directly from the civilian sector.Announced in a Navy Times article, the program would recruit cyber experts for entry into the Navy at the ranks of Chief Petty Officer and Captain.

From the article:

“We’re seeking the authority to bring somebody in at the E-7 level or up to the O-6 level,” said Vice Adm. Robert Burke in May. The Navy already direct accesses officer candidates with special experience, like lawyers and doctors, to ranks up to lieutenant commander.

Navy officials want this expanded authority to fill critical needs in existing career fields and to build new capability fast.

“Right now, the one we’re focused on is the cyber [community] because that’s the immediate need,” said Burke, who took over as the chief of naval personnel in May after a year overseeing personnel plans and policy. “But we want this authority in place so that we could use it where those needs arise, because we want to be responsive when the need comes — we don’t want to start writing policy the minute we discover we need it.”

You can read the entire piece here.