Today is Memorial Day.  It is a day of honor and reverence.  A day that Americans give thanks to those who gave their last full measure of life to the American people.  This great country was formed and is protected by the blood of those who served and those who are serving.  Starting with the War of Independence, it is estimated that more than 1.2 million Americans gave their lives for us.
In honor of their sacrifice we are posting all the names, to the best of our knowledge, of Navy and Marine Corps Cryptologists who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our Nation.
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13
May we never forget!

31 December 1941 – YN3c Kenneth F. Grisham was crushed to death by an overturned tractor shortly after the first bombing attack on Corregidor.   He was the only casualty suffered by Station “C” while on Corregidor.  He had reported to Station “C” on July 8, 1941 from the USS HOUSTON (CA-30).

7 July 1944 – RM2c Lyle J. Jansen, USN and RM2c Robert J. Lynch, USN, were both KIA in Kwelin, China.
31 July 1944 – LT Walter S. Gifford, USNR and LTJG Delbert Gideon was KIA at Funafuti Lagoon, Funafuti Island, Tuvalu Islands in the South Pacific.
23 September 1944 – CPL Joseph A. Prete, USMC, CPL Stephen J. Weber, USMC, and PFC William Hughes, Jr., USMC was KIA at Peleiu Island, Palau Group, Carolina Islands.
12 May 1945 – RM1c Walter L. Rougeux, USN was KIA onboard the battleship USS NEW MEXICO (BB-40) as the result of a Kamikaze attack.
18 July 1945 – RM3c Daniel P. Seepe, USN was KIA in Calcutta, India.
8 April 1950 – CT3 Edward J. Purcell, USN was KIA over the Baltic Sea in PB4Y-2 Privateer.  The aircraft was shot down by a Soviet MIG, nine other Sailors died.
25 September 1965 – NSGA Kamiseya, Japan fire killing 12 Cryptologists:
CTSA Roger “W” Alex, USN,
CTSA William E. Briley, USN,
CTSN Wilford D. Corddell, USN,
CTSN Dennis e. Etzwieler, USN,
CT3 Archie R. Garofalo, USN,
CTSA John d. House, USN,
LCPL Richard E. McKnown, USMC,
LTjg Ernest D. Moody, USN,
SGT Paul C. Rodrigues, USMC,
CT3 Wayne E. Tower, USN,
CTSN James K. Whitman, USN
CT3 Gregory S. Williams, USN,

26 May 1967 – Capt James W. Ayers, USMC, KIA in Vietnam

26 May 1967 – SSGT Alfred T Dwyer, USMC, was KIA in Vietnam
8 June 1967 – 34 men were KIA off the coast of Egypt while serving on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5), many were Cryptologists:
CT3 William B. Allenbaugh, USN,
LCDR Philip M. Armstrong, Jr. USN,
SN Gary R. Blanchard, USN,
Allen M. Blue, NSA civilian (CT2 Reserve)
SN Francis Brown, USN,
CT2 Ronnie J. Campbell, USN,
CT3 Jerry L. Converse, USN,
CT2 Robert B. Eisenberg, USN,
CT3 Jerry L. Goss, USN,
CTI Curtis A. Graves, USN,
CTSN Lawrence P. Hayden, USN,
CTI Warren E. Hersey, USN,
CTSN Alan Higgins, USN,
SN Carl L. Hoar, USN,
CT2 Richard W. Keene, Jr., USN,
CTSN James L. Lenau, USN,
CTC Raymond E. Linn, USN,
CTI James M. Lupton, USN,
CT3 Duane R. Marggraf, USN,
CTSN David W. Marlborough, USN,
CT2 Anthony P. Mendle, USN,
CTSN Carl C. Nygren, USN,
LT James C. Pierce, USN,
ICFN David Skolak, USN,
CTI John C. Smith, Jr., USN,
CTC Melvin D. Smith, USN,
PC2 John C. Spicher, USN,
GMG3 Alexander N. Thompson, Jr., USN,
CT3 Thomas R. Thornton, USN,
CT3 Philippe C. Tiedtke, USN,
LT Stephen S. Toth, USN,
CTI Frederick J. Walton, USN,
Sgt Jack L. Raper, USMC,
Cpl Edward E. Rehmeyer, USMC,
10 September 1967 – CPL Stephen Lee Traughber, USMC, was KIA in Vietnam.
15 April 1969 – EC-121 Beggar Shadow shotdown over the Sea of Japan, off the coast of North Korea.  31 men were killed, many were Cryptologists:
ADR2 Louis F Balderman, USN,

AT1 Stephen C Chartier, USN,
AT1 Bernie J Colgin, USN,
ADR1 Ballard F Connors, Jr, USN,
CT3 Gary R DuCharme, USN,
LT John N Dzema, USN,
LT Dennis B Gleason, USN,
ATN3 Gene K Graham, USN,
AEC LaVerne A Greiner, USN,
ATR2 Dennis J Horrigan, USN,
ATN2 Richard H Kincaid, USN,
SSGT Hugh M Lynch, USMC,
ADRC Marshall H McNamara, USN,
ATR2 Timothy H McNeil, USN,
CT3 John A Miller, USN,
LCDR James H Overstreet, USN (pilot),
LT Peter P Perrottey, USN,
CT1 John H Potts, USN,
AMS3 Richard T Prindle, USN,
CTC Frederick A. Randall, USN,
LTJG Joseph R Ribar, USN,
AT1 James Leroy Roach, USN,
LT John H Singer, USN,
CTC Richard E Smith, USN,
CT3 Philip D Sundby, USN,
AT1 Richard E Sweeney, USN,
LTJG Robert J Sykora, USN,
LT Robert F Taylor, USN,
CT2 Stephen J Tesmer, USN,
LTJG Norman E. Wilkerson, USN,

ATN3 David M Willis, USN.

22 January 1968 – FN Duane D. Hodges, USN was killed when the USS Pueblo (AGTR-2) captured by the North Koreans.
28 December 1969 – Killed when their CH-46 Helicopter crashed in Quang Nam Province Vietnam:
MGySgt Edward R Storm, USMC

CTC Robert S. Gates, USN

24 April 1968 – LCPL Larry Allan Jones , USMC, was KIA in Vietnam.
3 May 1968 – CPL Walter James Dancer, USMC,  was KIA in Vietnam.
3 May 1968 – CPL William Ivan Inman, USMC,  was KIA in Vietnam.
13 May 1968 – SGT Paul Jay Kingery, USMC,  was KIA in Vietnam.
10 March 1970 – SGT Larry Wade Duke, USMC,  was KIA in Vietnam.
12 December 1971 – RG -407 C-2A transport aircraft went down between the Philippines and Vietnam killing 10 Sailors, six were Cryptologists:
CTO3 James M. Coon, USN,
CTISN John M. Deremigio, USN,
CTOI Donald E. Dickerson, USN,
CTOSN Stephen H. Elliott, USN,
CTRI Walter R. Woods, Jr., USN,
CTM2 Gregory K. Zeller, USN
21 January 1971 – SGT Robert Hrisoulis, USMC,  was KIA in Vietnam.
3 December 1979 – CTO1 John Ball and RM3 Emil White were both ambushed and killed by terrorists while they were traveling in on their way to watch.  Ten others were wounded in the attack.  They were stationed at NSGA Sabana Seca Puerto Rico.
25 January 1987 – EA-3B went down in the Mediterranean killing CTI1 Patrick r. Price and CTI3 Craig H. Rudolf.  Five others were killed.  No one was ever recovered.
17 May 1987 – USS Stark (FFG-31) was attacked while serving the Persian Gulf.  32 Sailors were killed, including EW3 Charles T. Moller and EW3 Joseph P. Watson
12 October 2000 – USS Cole (DDG-67) was attacked while refueling in the Yemeni port of Aden killing 17 Sailors, including EW2 Kevin S Rux and EW3 Ronald S. Owens.
6 July 2007 – CTT1(SW) Steven P. Daugherty, USN, was KIA in Iraq while supporting Naval Special Warfare.
17 July 2008 – 1st Lt. Jason D. Mann, USMC, was KIA in Garmsir, Afghanistan while serving as an Arab linguist and reconnaissance professional and ground intelligence officer.
20 September 2008 – CTM3 Mathew J O’Bryant, USN, was KIA while serving in Islamabad, Pakistan.

21 September 2010 – CTRCS David “Blake” McLendon, USN, was KIA in Afghanistan while supporting Naval Special Warfare.

5 February 2011 – SGT Lucas T. Pyeatt, USMC was KIA while serving in Afghanistan.

6 August 2011 – CTR1 Michael J. Strange, USN, was KIA in Afghanistan while supporting Naval Special Warfare.
17 January 2012 – LT Thomas C. Fouke, USN, died during physical training preparing to support Naval Special Warfare.
13 March 2013 – CTTC(IDW.SW) Christian Pike, USN, died in Landstuhl, Germany due to head wound/injuries received while providing intelligence support in support of Naval Special Warfare and Afghan Commando operations.
Edited by Mr. Mario Vulcano