Not to be confused with online sales the Monday after Thanksgiving, Station HYPO will begin a Cyber Monday series beginning next week.

Why Cyber?

The Russian-Georgian War in August of 2008 was the result of years of geopolitical tension between the two nations.  While the conflict was cause for alarm internationally, as conventional wars go it wasn’t unique.  The Russian-initiated conflict included basic aspects of warfare in multiple domains, to include air, land, and sea.  The conflict, however, was not limited to conventional aspects alone, nor traditional warfighting domains.  For what may be the first time in the history of conflict, cyber warfare played a significant role in an otherwise conventional conflict.  That was 2008…nearly 8 years ago.  Conflict in cyberspace continues to evolve.

Why Us?

Navy Cryptology has significant history in cyberspace.  Cryptologic Technicians have long been involved in Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) and the Navy was the first service to designate an enlisted specialty (CTN) in the cyber field.   The Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. TENTH Fleet (FCC/C10F) also plays a key role in cyberspace.  According to the FCC/C10F strategy, not only do they, “operate and defend the Navy’s networks,” but they also, “plan and direct operations for a subset of USCYBERCOM’s Cyber Mission Forces.”  As the Navy seeks to protect its own cyber vulnerabilities, and exploit those of the adversary, the execution of effective cyber operations by the Navy’s Cryptologic Community is, and will continue to be, critical.

Cyber Mondays

The team at Station HYPO is dedicated to covering all aspects of Navy Cryptology — past, present, and future.  We know that cyber operations are a big part of our present and future and are dedicated to covering the topic accordingly.  Until further notice, we will dedicate Mondays at Station HYPO to address cyber-related topics.

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