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February 2016

The Edge of Victory: Breaking Enigma (Part II)


The complete cessation of [special] intelligence concerning U-boats in the Atlantic coincided with the devastating attacks on shipping by U-boats off [U.S.] coasts.  In fact, the outlook during the summer of 1942 was rather gloomy.”  — Memorandum from OP-20-G, July 15, 1944

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The Edge of Victory: Breaking Enigma (Part I)

Like so many battles before it — and many more since — battlespace awareness would play a critical role in the Allies’ ability to counter the German submarine threat in the Atlantic.  The main challenge to achieving such awareness was the German Enigma machine.  Though Enigma was in use by more than just the Kriegsmarine, or German Navy – it was the navy’s model that was the most sophisticated and difficult to break.  Many, including the Germans, believed such a feat to be impossible.  They had developed an unbreakable cipher…or had they? Continue reading “The Edge of Victory: Breaking Enigma (Part I)”

U.S. TENTH Fleet: The Fleet Without a Ship

 Critical to America’s ability to break Enigma and collect special intelligence related to the Kriegsmarine were specific organizations in place at the time.  One of those key organizations was U.S. TENTH Fleet.

Rudeltaktik – U-Boat Peril in the Atlantic


The only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril. I was even more anxious about this battle than I had been about the glorious air fight called the Battle of Britain.”  — Winston Churchill

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Congratulations and well done to Petty Officers Courtney Evers and Blake Wilson on their selection as Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command’s 2015 SEA and SHORE Sailors of the Year!

Information in Warfare: The Battle of the Atlantic

The CNO and VADM Ted Branch have recently discussed the criticality of information in warfare and information as warfare.  Though the concept of information as warfare is relatively new, information in warfare is as old as war itself.  In fact, Sun Tzu, thousands of years ago, exhorted military commanders to “know your enemy and know yourself.”  Knowledge of the enemy is, indeed, power — power that enables success on the battlefield.  Many great examples of the influence of information in warfare can be seen throughout World War II. Continue reading “Information in Warfare: The Battle of the Atlantic”

There’s An App For That

On a warm summer day, in the skies over the Arabian Gulf, I had the honor of flying with our new “strike group” commander.  It was 1995, and carrer strike groups were known then simply as Carrier Groups.  Rear Admiral Robert M. Nutwell had recently assumed duties as Commander, Carrier Group THREE and, as part of his turnover, was flying a mission with each of the squadrons embarked in USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the Admiral’s Flag Ship.  An aviator by trade, Admiral Nutwell had flown the A-7E Corsair II during the Vietnam War. Continue reading “There’s An App For That”

Sideburns, Tattoos, Yoga Pants, and Social Media

I won’t soon forget the day the Navy changed its policy on sideburns.  It was 1997, and my LCPO at the time, Senior Chief Terry “Nuch” Antonacci, was livid.  While I never saw any of his baby pictures, I suspect he was born with his impressive “chops,”  He wore them proudly every day thereafter — during his recruit days, as a Leading Petty Officer, and as a proud member of the Chiefs Mess — all in accordance with Navy standards.  Then suddenly, without reason, the Navy changed course.  Policy was issued, instructions were modified, and sideburns were suddenly persona non grata. Continue reading “Sideburns, Tattoos, Yoga Pants, and Social Media”

Remembering CT3 Thomas R. Thornton – KIA USS LIBERTY

CT3 Thomas Ray Thornton
Thomas Ray, affectionately known as Tommy, was born in Springfield, Ohio on February 1, 1944, to William R. and Anna (Fay) Thornton.  Tommy has a sister, Joann Nuss, who grew up with Tommy when they lived on North Race Street.

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