Is cyber security your thing? Is mentoring youth of today something you like to do? If so, then think about contributing to Cyberthon!

So what is Cyberthon anyway?

The description from the event’s Web site proclaims:Cyberthon is a community event designed to give high school and college students hands-on experience in cyber defense and engagement procedures with instruction from active industry experts. Cybersecurity professionals from DoD cyber operations and training commands in Northwest Florida volunteer to mentor and participate in this cyber education and awareness showcase event, created to grow Pensacola’s IT and Cybersecurity workforce. Cyber experts are needed to fulfill critical security missions, so by partnering as a community and involving students, a cyber-skilled workforce pipeline can be developed for local, high demand careers.

Registration for mentors and volunteers is closed for 2016’s Cyberthon, but there is no reason you cannot start planning for 2017.

But with 10 days left to kick off of Cyberthon 2016, there are a limited number of slots left for high school students who are actively enrolled or studying some type of computer security, networking, or IT courses. If you know of a student who might want to attend, please use our contact form to reach out to us!

The goal for Cyberthon is twofold:

1. To offer a training format for students that are somewhat experienced in cyber security, but want to advance in the field
2. To raise funds for AFCEA scholarships that will continue to further STEM learning in our community (any additional sponsor funds above the cost of the event are distributed to students in the form of AFCEA scholarships)

If you want to help in 2017, we need the following:

– Sponsors
– Volunteers
– Mentors

Keep an eye on the the Cyberthon Web site, as planning for 2017 will start as the 2016 event ends.