Even at the most junior ranks, our team has unique access to something that is coveted up through the highest ranks – the ground truth. And often times, it is the junior personnel who want to contribute to the critical discussions, but lack the venue. While our chosen profession and military structure don’t always offer the forums to share your thoughts far and wide, this essay contest from Proceedings represents an opportunity to do just that.

In the event you haven’t already seen, the enclosed announcement (linked here: http://www.usni.org/technologiesessay) is for you to share throughout the domain along with the encouragement to consider your audience, your message and how the information capabilities that we work with or are aware of, support the strategy of the Navy, as documented in CNO’s Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority and FCC’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

As you share this , please keep in mind a few considerations:
-follow appropriate protocol regarding requirements for pre-publication review

-writing [must] be performed outside of normal working hours
-submissions may not directly discuss or share research/analysis performed as part of official duties

Please do not hesitate to contact my staff [PAO, JAG, SSO] with any questions or concerns.


Jan E. Tighe