MGySgt Edward R. Storm
January 8, 1930 – December 29, 1969

Born on 8 January, 1930, MGySgt Edward R. Storm was originally from Portland Oregon.  On December 29, 1969, MGySgt Storm died when the CH46 he was flying in crashed in Quang Nam Province Vietnam.  MGySgt was assigned to Detachment Naval Communications Facility in Thuan An, Vietnam.
MGySgt Storm lived in Pensacola, 1967-69 before he deployed to Vietnam, which suggest he was probably stationed at Corry Station serving as an instructor before his deployment.  His neighbors in Pensacola remember him as “a splendid father,”  “a great neighbor” and “a scout master.”  Sadly, MGySgt Storm’s son, 1st LT Dustin Storm, was killed in 1982 when his F4 crashed.

The location of MGySgt Storm’s name can be found on the Vietnam memorial wall on Panel 15W, Row 105.
MGySgt Storm was one of 10 U.S. Marines assigned to the 1st Radio Battalion that was KIA in Vietnam.  The names of the other nine men are listed below and will be honored on the date of their birth on this blog.
                  MAJ James Westley Ayers                May 26, 1967  age 32
                  SSGT Alfred T Dwyer                        May 26, 1967  age 33
                  CPL Stephen Lee Traughber            Sep 10, 1967   age 21
                  LCPL Larry Allan Jones                     Apr 24, 1968   age 19
                  CPL Walter James Dancer                May 3, 1968    age 22
                  CPL William Ivan Inman                     May 3, 1968    age 22
                  SGT Paul Jay Kingery                        May 13, 1968  age 22
                  SGT Larry Wade Duke                       Mar 10, 1970   age 22
                  SGT Robert Hrisoulis                         Jan 21, 1971   age 20