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December 2015

The Electromagnetic Spectrum as a Warfighting Domain?

DOD CIO Says Spectrum May Become Warfighting Domain

From the article, “Pentagon officials are drafting new policy that would officially recognize the electromagnetic spectrum as a “domain” of warfare, joining land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace… Continue reading “The Electromagnetic Spectrum as a Warfighting Domain?”

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?  If one were to ask Shakespeare’s Juliet, the answer would likely be “not much”.  She would tell you that the substance of an individual is more important than his/her title or status and that names are artificial and even meaningless.  I would disagree.  Certainly, the substance of an individual is important, but there is similar value in an individual’s name and title.  It’s what identifies our very being.  It points to our origin, our history, our heritage, and it clearly defines who we are and what we do.  Furthermore, it clearly sets and defines other’s expectations of us.


C10F/FCC Message 081045Z DEC 15 Solicits Nominations for the OTRG Award.

Packages are due to FCC/C10F by 25 Jan 16.

See below for more information. Continue reading “2016 "ON-THE-ROOF" GANG (OTRG) ANNUAL AWARD”

Remembering RADM Ralph Cook, Last Director Naval Security Group” first “Commander, Naval Security Group

Last “Director Naval Security Group” first “Commander, Naval Security Group”
Ralph E. Cook was born in Butte, Montana, on 8 December 1915. In 1934 he entered Montana State College at Bozeman, from which he received the degree of Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering in 1938. Continue reading “Remembering RADM Ralph Cook, Last Director Naval Security Group” first “Commander, Naval Security Group”

An open letter to the IW Community

***Reposting as this issue is rapidly evolving.***
A few years ago the Cryptologic community made a significant transition as we sought to identify ourselves with the emerging mission area of Information Warfare (IW).  As a part of that transition, which ended quietly
a few years later, we shifted the title of our officer corps from “Cryptologic Officer” to “Information Warfare Officer,” or IWO.  Continue reading “An open letter to the IW Community”

Attack on Pearl Harbor and the "Kimmel Letter"

The “Kimmel Letter”

In late November 1961, Admiral Husband Kimmel wrote to the silent screen actress, Corinne Griffith, to explain (in some detail) the background story regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor while he was Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet and Pacific Fleet, with the temporary rank of Admiral. Continue reading “Attack on Pearl Harbor and the "Kimmel Letter"”

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