How do you recognize your command’s alumni?

NIOC Yokosuka has recently established a Command “Hall of Fame.”  In accordance with NIOC Yokosuka Instruction 1650.3, the Command “Hall of Fame” serves as “a method to recognize the most extraordinary Sailors and inspire current and future Sailors assigned to the command.”The program is designed to recognize both Officer and Enlisted command members who have previously served at U.S. Naval Security Group Detachment (NSGD), U.S. Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA), and U.S. Navy Information Operations Command  (NIOC) Yokosuka, Japan.  Managed by the Commanding Officer, with the assistance of the Executive Officer and Command Master Chief, the program establishes two basic categories for induction — automatic and nomination.

Automatic criteria for induction includes any former command member advanced to Flag rank or Master Chief, recipients of the CAPT Joseph Rochefort IW Officer Distinguished Leadership Award, recipients of the On the Roof Gang  Award, and prior enlisted Sailors promoted to Commander or Chief Warrant Officer Five.  Additional categories apply.

In the nomination category, any previous command member can be nominated for induction into the Command “Hall of Fame.”  In accordance with the instruction, nominations will be submitted to current members of the “Hall of Fame” for consideration.  Any nominee receiving a majority vote will be inducted.

Upon establishment of the program, a total of 11 prior command members were inducted as “Hall of Fame” plank-owners.   Initial NIOC Yokosuka inductees include Mr. Mark Neighbors (DISES), RADM Sean Filipowski, and Master Chief Cedric Rawlinson.   Inductees receive a letter announcing their selection and their names are added to a plaque prominently display onboard NIOC Yokosuka.

Why not establish a similar program at your command?

A copy of the NIOC Yokosuka instruction can be made available upon request.