Today marks the 33rd anniversary of Navy Information Operations Detachment Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.  Originally commissioned as Naval Security Group Detachment Barbers Point on 1 November 1982, she was relocated to Kaneohe Bay in 1999 and renamed Navy Information Operations Detachment in 2005.  Today, the mission of the detachment is to provide worldwide, airborne cryptologic direct support to Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Two and to perform other functions as directed by Commander, U. S. Fleet Cyber Command/Commander, U.S. TENTH Fleet. Last night, I had the pleasure of hosting an anniversary party at The Hideaway Club — a small dive bar on Barbers Point.  Shipmates past and present gathered to celebrate 33 years of history.  A history that, due to the nature of our work, is mostly clouded in secrecy.  I couldn’t talk about WHAT we’ve done, HOW we’ve done it, or even WHERE we’ve done it.  I couldn’t recount the countless operations in which we have been involved, the lives that have been saved as a product of what we do, or the headlines that have resulted from those very operations.  What I did talk about was WHO we are — both as individuals and as individuals that make up a team — more than a team…a family.  After all, what is the history of an organization, if not the history of its people?  What is the history of this detachment, if not the biographies and stories of the many Sailors who have served as a member of OUR family.  As I told the group last night, “the history of NIOD Kaneohe Bay is the history of you and me — shipmates once, and forever.”  It’s OUR story.  Some of those stories were represented in our company last night and I was extremely honored by their presence.

Happy Anniversary, NIOD!
OIC Sends
LCDR David T. Spalding
Officer in Charge
Navy Information Operations Detachment Kaneohe Bay