NAVADMIN 239/15 

Naval Cryptology is leading this effort.  Every.  Single.  Day. 

From the NAVADMIN, pasted below, “Every time you connect to or operate a Navy network or system, you are in the cyber battlespace. Think cybersecurity before you act.”


SUBJ/NAVY CYBERSECURITY COMMUNICATIONS CAMPAIGNRMKS/1.  Every day the Navy is in an active cybersecurity fight against
witting foes that are technologically sophisticated and well-funded.  The
Navy’s networked systems are an essential part of naval operations but their
connectedness increases the potential impact of a cyber-event.  Complacency
about cybersecurity makes the Navy vulnerable to attacks that could
significantly affect operations.

2.  The cyber threat reaches beyond traditional IT networks to systems that
affect nearly every aspect of the Navy’s mission.  Machinery control, weapons
and navigation systems may be vulnerable, as well as the systems and networks
supporting human resources, financial management, and logistics business
processes.  A successful cyber-intrusion anywhere in the Navy increases the
risk that adversaries can move to other targets.  Therefore, a mistake by one
individual puts everyone and the mission at risk.  Adhering to cybersecurity
policies, directives, and best practices is commanders’ business and requires
an All Hands approach to protect the Navy and the mission.

3.  This month, the Navy has launched a year-long communications campaign to
create a culture where cybersecurity discipline is a high priority and a
daily habit, protecting the Navy from the persistent cyber threat it faces.
This campaign will provide information showing that the cyber threat is real,
describing how adversaries succeed, showing what the Navy can do to defend
itself, and spelling out the steps everyone must take to improve the Navy’s
cybersecurity.  Campaign content will be delivered through social media, blog
posts, printed materials, articles, videos, public service announcements, and
other avenues.  Your commitment to cybersecurity will protect the Navy and
contribute to our cyber fight.

4.  Every time you connect to or operate a Navy network or system, you are in
the cyber battlespace.  Think cybersecurity before you act.

5.  Released by VADM Ted N. Branch, OPNAV N2/N6.//