Is there anything as futile to write about as the future? We are certainly guaranteed to never reach it. When we attempt to predict the future, history proves that we will mostly be wrong about the outcome. So, why talk about the future?

I believe the answer is because thinking about the future drives our actions in the present. The future is where we set our goals, which then drive our passions, which should drive our labors. There is a responsibility inherent in speaking about the future.

Cryptologic Technician Maintenance Second Class (CTM2) Emmett “Doc” Brown
from Hill Valley, CA makes the final connections to the future for Station HYPO.


Being a good futurist means a few of your predictions must come true at some point. The conclusions a futurist makes should be grounded in fact, feasible in the long term, and have a course by which to get there.

So, a futurist must study history, specifically, the history of how ideas become inventions, inventions become innovations, and innovations, through entrepreneurship, become the new normal.

A futurist must also study the present. They need to be aware of the challenges of the present day because that will drive the decisions that will shape the future. A futurist however looks at the present and thinks, “what must change to make the future happen.” As a result, the futurist tends to uncover dirty secrets that stand in the way of change.

Many of these secrets are buried under the phrase, “We have always done it this way.” For many, that is the place to stop. For the futurist, that is the first sign you are on the right track. It is also the inherent danger in looking to the future.

My part in the Station HYPO blog is to discuss the future of the Cryptologic Community. I believe I have it easier in some ways than the others because I only have to be right on occasion. Those writing on the past and present of the community’s comments are inherently testable. My comments only need to be plausible at some point in the future.

Is some ways, I have a more serious charge. I will be talking about the future and to do so I will talk about change. I will respect the past, but not be beholden to it. I will always live in the challenges of the present, but I have to remain optimistic enough that I can see through the challenges of the day to the opportunities that may be. I must boldly go forward speaking of what I believe is the best course for the community to steer knowing I may never see the final destination.

I hope to bring some direction to our community’s collective labors and share the passion I have for it. I will be looking for others to share their vision for the future. Hopefully they will choose to share their stories here. Email me here at the blog if you are interested.

In the next few months, I will be writing on what I believe the some of the trends are for the future of the Cryptologic Community. I will spend a moment here to mention the future of the Cryptologic Community includes our Cyber friends. It is easier to see the connection in the enlisted community with the Cryptologic Technician Networks (CTN) community. On the officer and civilian sides, it is more difficult to define the boundaries. At the very least, our Cryptologic Community includes past, present and future; active, inactive, reserve, and retired; radiomen conducting cryptologic operations; cryptologists; cryptologic technicians; information warfare officers, warrant officers and LDOs; cyber warfare engineers and warrants; and civilians conducting similar functions.

Because of this fine group, the future of the Cryptologic Community is bright. Welcome to Station HYPO.